Monday, March 14, 2011

Who's the Fat Head Now?

I watched the documentary awhile back called Supersize Me.  I didn't really agree with it and hated the whole veghan thing that was pushed.  But it did worry me and I did start going on a calorie diet.  Never was I more starving and had less energy than ever before.  Also, the company that did Supersize me will not release records of his actual complete diet.  It is obvious that he ate in between meals not shown because according to what he ate, he did not eat 5,000 a day like he said.  Anyway, it's hard to explain.  BUT, if you watch this new documentary, it'll explain the epidemic of diabetes that has been rising more and more. Even in young children.  It explains why lowfat diets are not good and we it's more important to watch our carbs.  Boy, Atkins sure was attacked for something that was scientifically correct. The government, however, pushes a diet that is actually not healthy for us. Just watch the documentary and it'll explain it so much better.  It's REALLY interesting and an eye opener.  This documentary is a MUST SEE for people that have health issues and are tired of struggling with their weight.  It even goes into scientific specifics on how your body works and why certain diets work against you.

To watch in full screen click HERE

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