Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Flu Worries

With so much talk about sicknesses going around, I'm so nervous! I can't help it. I have a newborn in the house and 5 other little ones. I have a bad cold right now. My husband was laughing earlier because I've had tissue stuck up my nose while walking around because I was tired having to run and get tissue. Sometimes I just do things for the funny factor too. Ha ha. I'm weird like that. I heard that I missed out on a great revival night at church. Argh! I haven't put baby Caleb in the nursery yet because he is 4 weeks old. I've just been keeping him with me during service. There is a little newborn at church that is in the hospital right now with a fever. So sad. :( I have seriously got to realize that prayer is powerful. Soooo many times I worry and worry and worry and I forget to give it to God. I am reading (I'm such a bookworm) the book "The Power Of A Praying Parent". It's a great book! I'm realizing how much I need God. She was saying in there how we need to give it to God in prayer and let Him do the heavy lifting. It's true! Last night, because I drank 3 cups of coffee, I couldn't sleep and so I stayed up reading and writing out a prayer list for my kids. I don't want to just give general prayers all the time. "Oh God, protect my kids, keep them safe, and help them to want to serve you." Details!! Need details. So, I started writing down issues of things with each kid so I can remember to pray for them in more detail. God cares about the details you know. Why, oh, why do I always forget how powerful prayer is. I CAN'T get so busy that I leave God out of my days. I am scared about all the flu talk I've been hearing. I can do my best to try and protect everyone in my house but I need to also pray for God's protection. How can I forget about the Creator of the universe? This world offers sooooo many distractions. Sometimes I feel like I have to take a whip and beat down my flesh. I don't mean literally guuyyyys! That would be....really....weird. I mean having to die to my "flesh" daily. Argh. It's such a new battle every day.

Monday, October 26, 2009

So THAT'S What Forgiveness Means

We are having revival this week at church through Thursday. I am so happy because I need it so bad. Sunday service really spoke to me. He preached on forgiveness. Now I've heard tons of sermons on this. I don't think I ever really understood real forgiveness. When someone would hurt me badly, I would think "I forgive them" but then I still would be angry towards them in my actions. True forgiveness is taking the hit without hitting back. That is totally new for me. Not too long ago I had a friend that ripped me up one side and down the other. Totally broke my heart. I was so shocked that I responded badly back to her. I didn't call names or anything but I defended myself and was harsh. The next time this happened to me from a different person, I didn't get angry or become harsh back. I just told that person that they broke my heart and really hurt my feelings. I took the hit. I didn't sin in my anger. I regretted so much the first incident because now I was just as guilty. The second incident, I took the hit. Instead I prayed for that person. Both broke my heart. Only one I responded right about. Guess which one I lost a lot of sleep over? The one where I was being a bad example of a Christian. I should have taken the hit. Sometimes we can be tested. Unsaved people are watching us. Some truly have that longing to have what we have. I would be sad if I became a stumbling block to that person because I sinned in my anger towards them. Jesus might say, "would you take the hit for me?" No matter how much we may dislike that person, they have a soul and Jesus loves them. Hell is not something I wish on ANY enemy of mine. Ever. This Virginia has come a long way is watching my words and controlling my tongue, but I still have LOTS to learn and many more tests and lessons in this life. I pray that my heart is soft towards God's tugging on my heart. That he can still convict me and my heart respond. My flesh may want to pull me away from God with all it's strength, but my spirit longs to be in His presence and have my heart right before Him.

Talking To Myself Again...

I'm up late writing out thank you cards to all my friends who gave me gifts for Caleb. Wow! I've been given gifts from 30 people total! I'm so overwhelmed by their giving.

In these last few months, through crisis' that I've had with friends and family, I've learned some things. Still learning for that matter. Good friends don't come easy. There will be many women that are quick to give you their opinions but it's the one that loves you for who you are and will save their opinions for the ones that truly matter. I've learned that all moms pretty much think they are the ones doing it right and everyone else that doesn't it differently needs to get with it. Ha ha. Speaking of. You guys MUST read Real Moms (Exploding the Myths of Motherhood). Wow! GREAT book and just really liberated me in so many way. Ahem. Onward. Good friends don't necessarily have to think JUST like you. I have learned some scary things. A friend can totally disagree with EVERYTHING about you but they sometimes hold it in and never say. Now that's scary to me. I don't like the beat around the bush thing. I would rather like to know what they think, period. I don't like fake friendships. Then again, someone always saying what they think is scary too. LOL.

I've learned some scary things about ME in the process and somethings I've needed to change. I've learned to pick my battles. If I'm always disagreeing with someone over trivial things, they won't listen to me when it really, really matters. Sometimes we can just have an argumentative spirit. I've learned to stop being so judgemental. I will stand up for what's moral and right. I will warn a friend when I see them heading down a dangerous path. Always. (What kind of friend would I be otherwise?) But I don't need to tell them that I don't agree with what time they put their kids down to bed. Ha ha! Putting your mommy opinions onto other moms.... well, you are just asking for it! Have fun, be a friend! (I'm talking to myself here). My family can be very confrontational at times and that's where I got it. I know because my husband told me. So, I'm learning to relax, enjoy my friends, and not have to always be so stinking opinionated. (I just think it in my head). Mwahahahaha!

Okay, enough of exposing myself. Sigh. Night guys. I just finished the cards to my great mommy friends. :D

P.S. You friends who gave me diapers as a gift, you just KNOW what a mom needs!!! You're awesome!

P.P.S He got some stinking cute outfits too. Sooooo adorable.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Little Elf Goes To Church

Last Sunday pastor had little Caleb Joseph dedicated at church. I was super nervous having to go up by ourselves in front of everyone but we did it! Yes! It was hard. This is our sixth time having a baby dedicated and I still get nervous. You know what it more retarded? I sing on the platform for song service and for a wedding(s). Yet, it freaks me out to go up to have my baby dedicated in front of everyone. When we walked up to the stage, pastor said "Looks like Caleb is all dressed up for church looking like a... a.. well, like a little elf." We all laughed! It was true! He had little pants on with monkeys on the booties and a striped long sleeve shirt with a hat. So he's my little elf now.

I always envision this scenario where as I am walking down off the stage, I trip and fall, the crowd gasps, and I drop my little baby. It's like a nightmare I have all the way up till the baby is dedicated.
So after the dedication was actually over, not only was I happy he was dedicated to the Lord, I was relieved (and Caleb I'm sure) that I didn't fall and trip on my face. Hoot, hoot!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spiritual Leader Of The Home by Mark Gungor

Wow, This video just was liberating for me. In the beginning, I kind of flipped because of something he said. You have to listen to it ALL the way through. I promise, it's a good video and really makes sense.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Nothing Box

Wow, have these days been busy! I'm need to look for a curriculum that makes it more possibe for me to homeschool 3 boys without working such long hours. As of right now, it take about 8 hours a day which I don't mind, but I like to keep up on house chores and stuff like that. So far, I'm mainly cleaning at night and only maintenence in the day. Gosh, I have to say though. I LOVE BEING BUSY!!! This great book I'm reading called Real Moms, Exploding The Myths Of Motherhood talks about this. It was saying that the difference between a lot of moms, whether or not they want a large family, is how busy they like to be. That is a good point. Most women of course love kids but you have to like also being busy, or at least not minding it, in order to have a larger family. I was busy with two kids. Just in a different way. The dynamic changes. (Potty breaks are still just as short. No more reading on the toilet since I had even one kid). Now, I'm just busy in all kinds of ways. It's a good thing women can multitask or it'd be impossible. That is probably why guys say, "Honey, how do you do it?" They have compartments in their brain. When they are at their job, they pull out the "Job Box". Then they put it away when they are done. They have the Kids Box. The Wife Box. They even have a Nothing Box. What?? No fair! I want a nothing box! Our brains aren't wired that way. We have wires all over the place and everything just connects everywhere. We can just multitask like crazy! Okay, we've been watching marriage videos during Sunday School at church. They are just awesome. I'm so glad he explained the Nothing Box. That's why when you say "Honey, what are you thinking about?" They say, "Nothing." Hmmm.... "Yeah right, Hon! You have to be thinking about something!" Lucky guys. I want a nothing box.

When some of the women were walking around my mom grabbed them for a photo. So it's not all of them. I'm on the far left. :)

My diaper bag I love that has Caleb's name on it.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Caleb's Babyshower

Hi guys! Here some pics of the babyshower we had tonight for Caleb. It was so great having my friends there. (P.S. Kristy I saw you and kept trying to get your attention to say hi). Thanks for coming to all my friends. You totally blessed me and I loved our time fellowshipping together! You are all so fun. :D Also to Kristine, my mom, and Cindy for putting it together. I so did not even expect a babyshower and you gave me one. Wow! I count my blessing having such great friends in my life.

My wittle, wittle peanut!!! Ohhhhh! So squishy cute.

You can't see it but my friend Cindy, next to me, had this diaper bag ordered with Caleb's name etched big on the front. So cute! I love the dark colors too.

Everyone eating. They made some really yummy mexican food and even sent lots home with me. I'm sure gonna have fun eating tomorrow....

Starting to open up gifts. This was just such a huge blessing since I had no baby boy clothes. I got blessed with lots of diapers and wipes also.

Above is my friend Cheryl and I with baby Caleb.

Nana with Caleb!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Let's Clear This One Up

Here is Ivy at one year old and then at 4. Boy has time flown!!! I can't believe it! She has the same eyes. :) Captures my heart.

I have to share this with you. The other night my husband was reading the bible to the kids and was explaining what slavery was to the kids. Then one of them said, "Is mom our slave?" What??? Ha ha. Nooooooo! They see how mommy works a lot, cleans, does laundry, cooks. So in their little minds, from what daddy explained, that sounded like a slave. I'm glad I have them doing chores with me everyday! I don't mind my part at all. The cooking, laundry, homeschooling, and cleaning. It sure does help when they do their part though, even as small as it is. With them all pitching in, it makes for a great team. I still can't believe they asked that question though. Oh phooey. Ha ha.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kid's Week Off... Party Time!

On Monday, I woke up, grabbed my coffee and walked into the living room to start my day with the kids. My husband said, "What are you doing?" I told him we were starting our day homeschooling. He said, "On my week off?" Ummm... so we took the week off. As you can see in the pics of Kyle doing a workbook last week, he is so happy to not being working on it at all this week. Sometimes I wonder how they are able to concentrate when they hear their siblings in the other room doing something really fun like trying to figure out how to make a slide from the top bunk in their room. (I'm still trying to figure out which little kid found the stapler and put about 100 staples in their wall by their bed....hmmm... well, it's in the girl's room so most likely it was princess #1. Ivy is a suspect so far).
Tonight my husband took my two older boys to Howie's Game Shack for a late nighter. We don't have games at home anymore so Charles takes them out to play games every now and then. It's so late yet I know Chaz and Ryan are in heaven. Since the younger four kids (dang, did I just say that?) were at home with me, I did special things for them. Every now and then Ivy would check out the window to see if the boys were back. Then at one point she started crying saying she missed them and missed her daddy. I let them stay up late, gave them a late night snack, candy, even ice cream and now they are asleep on the couch. They said they were gonna wait up but they are both crashed. So cute.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ducks In A Row

This is how I find the kid's bathroom sink about 70% of the day. Just for fun I empty it every time I pass to see how quickly it will get refilled again.
This post is for my friend KRISTY!!! You know who you are my sweet friend. I never talk really personal in my blog because I get weirdos who go on here and make odd comments.
I'm reading this fantastic book called Real Moms (Exploding the myths of motherhood) by Elisa Morgan. It talks about how everyone has this mold we fit Motherhood into. What we think a good mother should be. It's true. Most of us give ourselves a hard time about it. Some moms having nothing better to do so they go around telling people they are no good moms. That they don't think that person fits into their perfect mold of what they think a good mother is. I let my kids push all my furniture in the living room around to makes army bases when other people think that's a disrespectful thing to teach kids. I let my monkeys jump on their bed because I liked jumping on my bed when I was little. They are not gonna break it for goodness sakes unless they are one of the video game kids who eat junk food all day and never get any exercise. Some people think that is dangerous. I've had family get on me because I don't follow my kids around the house all day to check up on them. Of course I watch my kids. I check on them all the time (seriously though) and constantly keep my ears peeled. I don't follow them around the house though. That would be weird. I HAVE to check on my kids. I have VERY energetic kids who like to try new things all the time. Just last week all three of my boys got eye injuries. Thankfully all of them are okay. One still has a black eye and the other one has a big red mark on the white of his eye. BOTH did it to themselves. Chaz banged his head on his bunkbed at night and Ryan banged his on his desk at school (homeschool enrichment class). Kyle got hit by a flying kid's plastic hanger. I hide my scissors on the fridge, even the kid's ones, because Ivy likes to cut up all the books in the house. She even offered to cut her own hair for me. Thankfully she asked me first. Since she was so insistent she'd do a great job, I hid the scissors in case she wanted to go ahead and try. I homeschool my kids not because I'm this incredible mom but because I have really crappy and low rated schools in my area. NOTHING good for miles around. There was one that was pretty good but for personal reasons, I had to pull them out. One of them was that they have no good special ed courses for my son and did not treat him well. So, therefore I'm homeschooling. I basically take what teachers would give them at school and we do it at home. I don't come up with all my own stuff. It's a curriculum laid out for me. Being that I'm not an incredibly organized, tree hugging, animal rescuing, organic growing, perfect looking mom.... homeschooling does not come natural to me. I love them though and therefore I sacrifice 6-8 hours every day to work with them. That's not including all my other work around the house. I thought I was done with Algebra! I ditched that class in school along with Geography. Did you know that I didn't know Paris was in France? I thought they were two separate countries until a dear friend enlightened me. I had no idea. That's embarrassing my friends. I ditched a lot of my freshman year of high school until I became a Christian later that year. Then I was cramming for all the tests, hoping that God would help me to pass. (I aced one of them by the way.) :D I had to retake my Freshman English course in my sophomore year because I was kicked out of that class the first time around. Thankfully I gave my heart to Christ, ran into that teacher several years later and had an opportunity to apologize to her about the name I called her in front of the class. She forgave me. :) So it's good I'm having to homeschool my kids. My teachers would only laugh if they could see me now. I was the kid in second grade who climbed on her desk and started singing her little heart out in front of the class. When there was a substitute in the class that day, one of first things they would do when they walked in was ask who Jenny was. The teacher would always give them a note to watch out for me. I wasn't a bad kid, just a major class clown who like to organize things such as having all the kids switch desks and be a different kid for a day since the substitute didn't know any better. Now that I'm a mom, I think sometimes God is up there with a BIG HUGE Grin watching me. I know mom, I heard you say it a hundred times. "You just wait and see. I hope you have kids just like you." :D I STILL love it! It's okay mom. Grandma told me she said the same thing to you. Hee hee....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Great Outdoors...Indoors

If you notice the picture of Ryan with the bear, Ryan is picking the bear's nose. That's my kid for you. That's a real stuffed bear.

This week my husband has off so we were picking some activities to do with the kids throughout the week. We discovered that Bass Pro Shop has a Kids Night with all kinds of cool stuff such as rock climbing, archery, shooting range, scavenger hunt, prizes, etc. I can't remember them all. So we headed there and it was fun! I think we will visit once every other month and add it to our list of fun family places to visit.

While we were there we decided to stop in at the fudge shop and get a soda and a coffee. Well, the coffee was kind of cold so we let the lady know. She grumpily answered "you'll have to wait 20 minutes". She didn't even stop what she was doing to go make some fresh coffee. I said, "I think instead I'll just get my money back." She ignored me and kept cleaning while we were standing there. My husband said "excuse me." Still no response. I could see that my husband was upset so I said we should just go talk to a manager. We let her know what happened and she apologized, gave us a $20 gift card and went to talk to the lady about what she did. We kept our cool with the lady but I'm so shocked how mean she was.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Living Room Tents!

I promised I would show pictures of how my living room transforms in between my kid's two chore times. They have to always fix it by 4pm (used to be 5pm). I think daddy should be able to come home from work to a house where the couch can be sat on. Ha ha. The kids move the couches around and all the blankets are taken off the beds except mine. They make their tents, girls vs. boys, and play. It's so cute. I'm not gonna freak. I used to want my living room to stay clean but that is so not practical. I mean, I homeschool so they are home all day. They have fun using their imagination. In the bottom picture you can see baby Caleb in the swing up on the table and Kyle is working on English or Math. It's a wonder he can concentrate yet he does. I'm so amazed at how well my kids read. It always shocks me when they are reading their bible out loud. I ask "you can read that???" Wowzers.

Friday, October 09, 2009

My Love Hate Relationship With Fridays

I love Fridays because its the day my 3 older boys go to school for their enrichment classes. The only thing is even though we have two vans, we are only able to drive one for now so we have to get up at 5:30am just to drop Charles off, come back home for about an hour, then take boys to school in the morning, go pick Charles back up (he has a split shift in the day), go home or run some errands with him. Take him back to work, run an errand or sit in van for an hour and a half till it's time to get boys and then run right back to pick up Charles again from work. What was different this time was that Charles had a bus trip to take some kids some where. I had just got home after picking boys up from school and he said if I want I can come visit. Visit my honey bear??? Of course. :) I miss him during the day, the times we're apart. He wasn't gonna be back till late at night. So we got back in the van and headed to see daddy. We didn't get back home till 11:30pm so we are just pooped. I actually didn't go home today at all except for just a half hour. So from 5:30am till 11:30pm, we were pretty much gone from home. So, so very pooped! It's a great day to run errands and the boys love their classes, but it's also the most tiring day of the week.
Isn't this the cutest pic. Little Caleb is going to learn to be a deep sleeper being he has to sleep with all the noise around him in the day! haha.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Busy, Busy Days

Wow! With little Caleb here, the days have been so incredibly busy. I'm learning to appreciate my days and stop worrying about having the clean house. Boy, that's one aspect that changed for me. I've worked so hard on being more organized and keeping things nice that I'm having to now worry about not being so picky about it. I don't worry very much about the kid's bedrooms, I just like the main functioning areas to be nice. STILL, I've decided that we don't have to worry about keeping it perfect and lets just have fun learning and playing in between the two chore times. You should see my living room right now. There are tents all over the place.
In this picture, Kyle came into the room and had the funny idea to pull his shirt up on his head to make this cool mask. Ha ha. Hey, maybe we don't need to worry about a Halloween costume this year for Kyle. We'll just have him walk around like that. LOL. Just kidding. My kids already have their costumes for Halloween.
Going on with the original subject. Now that I'm nursing Caleb every couple of hours and changing his little butt diapers, the days have just been flying for me. Homeschooling has been tougher and visiting my friend's blogs has been even harder. I'm thinking I need to start homeschooling much earlier in the day. Today I woke up with my little snugglebug nursing, it was 6:30am. I realized I should get up for the day but having this little cutie snuggled up to me made it impossible. I dozed off awhile longer in bliss. In our busyness, I love it. I remember the days before I had kids. I would wake up, go to work for most of the day, come home and make dinner, and do different stuff at night. My life wasn't all that exciting. Now, I get to play in tents with my kids! Have different reasons to walk around Toys R Us. Change little cute butt diapers. haha. So cute. Play Candyland or Swords and Gunners with the kids. Make mud mania for the kids outside. Plan a fun family night for every week. There's no way I'd want to go to work and miss all this!
I will get back to my blogging friends soon! I miss sitting down with hot cocoa and seeing how everyone is doing. :D

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Teaching Kids about God

Teaching Kids about God is a neat book I picked up at the library. I generally only like to buy my books because I love having a library. I'm a major book worm and I tend to reread my books several times over. I looked it up on Amazon and they have them real cheap which is why I gave you the link.

I would think it would be obvious about how to teach our kids about God. I checked the book out just to read it anyway. Some things that popped out to me though that I hadn't thought of. We can talk to our kids about God, but sometimes the best time to talk to them is through a situation. Make prayers with a little one simple. For example with a child learning to potty in the toilet. "Dear God, thank You for loving me. Help me go potty in the potty and sleep well." This prayer connects with them because it deals with their concerns and is short and simple enough for them to grasp. It changes with the ages of course through their situations. Also, we talk a lot about God's love but they learn about God's love THROUGH us rather than just what we say with our mouths about God. That really made me think. Anyway, just some thoughts I've been having about the subject.

To me, the most important thing I could ever, ever do in this life is care about souls. First of all, the little souls that are in my care. Also of course with people I meet. If all I do is raise my kids to be decent human beings who grow up to get a good job, get married, have kids, retire, and die... then what have I achieved? The bible says, "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world yet lose his own soul?" I don't homeschool my kids because I'm picky about a curriculum and how my sons learn their math. I do it because I saw how the school was training my kids in other ways that were NOT desirable. After Obama was elected president, can you believe the school called me because they wanted to know what I was teaching my kids about Obama? They heard my kids say that Obama was for babies being killed (in their mommy's tummy). The school questioned me about it and I said back to them, "Well, is that a lie?" Then the kids told their teacher that Obama is not a good president but they will pray he won't get hurt. The school asked me if we are telling our kids that we want Obama to get killed. Nooooo, we are not saying that. Good president or bad (in our view), we always pray for our presidents. Our kids remember when we prayed for Bush's safety and for God's blessing. I told them that my kids were just talking about how they don't want Obama to get hurt. Even though we don't agree with his views. Anyway, why are they questioning my little kids in an office and calling me at home? We always pray for our presidents. No, we never encourage weird thoughts of wanting people to get hurt. That is just plain WRONG. The bible says to pray for our enemies. So that's what we do. Even people in our lives that have hurt us. We always pray for them. Anyway, I said all that to say, I think it was creepy how the school seems to be getting more and more in the way of parent's personal training with their kids. Bringing in people (behind parent's back) to explain homosexuality or about sex. Why does a kindergartner need to know about sex? Why open up their minds to something at such a young age? So, that's why my kids are home with me. I know some people are lucky to have great schools where stuff like this doesn't happen. I have none around me at all and I did long searches. So, I made life so much tougher for myself but it's worth the sacrifice. After all, kids grow up WAY too fast!!! Sheesh. I love having them home with me. Even IF the house doesn't stay as clean.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Funny Large Family Comebacks

While in an elevator today someone asked me "My, your hands are full!" I hear it a hundred times. Wherever I go. A lady standing next to me then asks, "Are they all yours??!!" Because I didn't want to be rude and say "Nooo, I just picked up a few along the road and took them with me", I just said "yes". "Dang!" she responded. We were just all quiet in response to her. My husband I get weary of always responding to these kinds of questions. It just depends on the attitude of how they are asking. Sometimes people are just curious. Just for fun I googled "Large Family Comebacks". I laughed so hard with some of them. :) I would have to add one or two to this list.

Q: You're getting fixed, right? Why nothing is broke
A: Is this your last one? Nope we hope he's/she's the middle child

Q: My, your hands are full!
A1: Yeah, and yours look empty!
A2: Yeah, I guess some people just aren't as blessed as we are.

Q: You know what causes that, right?
A: Yes I know what causes it, and I LIKE it!

Q: Don't you know what causes that?
A: Oh yes, we finally figured it out and we now keep the tooth brushes in seperate glasses!

Q: Don't you know what causes that?
A: Oh yes, I now wash my husband's underwear seperately

Thursday, October 01, 2009

My Favorite Time Of The Year!

It's October first and my heart is singing. :D The weather is cooler, where I live, it's the best time to plant a vegetable garden. I spend my time destressing outdoors. I'm so not an indoors person yet this summer we kept ourselves cooped up from the 110 degree summer weather. My kids actually want to go in the backyard now because it's not blazing hot. Here they are getting down right messy and it's okay with me! Our own little mud mania. You should see what my porch looks like now with dried up mud everywhere. It's not pretty but, hey, kids live here! The floor had to be mopped after all of them came running in to hop into the warm shower. With tons of brown water flowing down the drain, it finally ran clear and they emerged much cleaner. So much fun is coming with not only beautiful weather but some fun holidays also! We always look forward to Halloween (no scary costumes allowed though), Thanksgiving, and Christmas. It's just a beautiful time of the year. :D