Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Flu Worries

With so much talk about sicknesses going around, I'm so nervous! I can't help it. I have a newborn in the house and 5 other little ones. I have a bad cold right now. My husband was laughing earlier because I've had tissue stuck up my nose while walking around because I was tired having to run and get tissue. Sometimes I just do things for the funny factor too. Ha ha. I'm weird like that. I heard that I missed out on a great revival night at church. Argh! I haven't put baby Caleb in the nursery yet because he is 4 weeks old. I've just been keeping him with me during service. There is a little newborn at church that is in the hospital right now with a fever. So sad. :( I have seriously got to realize that prayer is powerful. Soooo many times I worry and worry and worry and I forget to give it to God. I am reading (I'm such a bookworm) the book "The Power Of A Praying Parent". It's a great book! I'm realizing how much I need God. She was saying in there how we need to give it to God in prayer and let Him do the heavy lifting. It's true! Last night, because I drank 3 cups of coffee, I couldn't sleep and so I stayed up reading and writing out a prayer list for my kids. I don't want to just give general prayers all the time. "Oh God, protect my kids, keep them safe, and help them to want to serve you." Details!! Need details. So, I started writing down issues of things with each kid so I can remember to pray for them in more detail. God cares about the details you know. Why, oh, why do I always forget how powerful prayer is. I CAN'T get so busy that I leave God out of my days. I am scared about all the flu talk I've been hearing. I can do my best to try and protect everyone in my house but I need to also pray for God's protection. How can I forget about the Creator of the universe? This world offers sooooo many distractions. Sometimes I feel like I have to take a whip and beat down my flesh. I don't mean literally guuyyyys! That would be....really....weird. I mean having to die to my "flesh" daily. Argh. It's such a new battle every day.


Anonymous said...

Whatever you do, don't get the flu shot and especially don't give it to your kids. There's more and more research that shows how bad the shot is. It's worse than getting the flu.
Here's some links and videos with some info:



Daddy Forever said...

My son is sick too. He's burning up. We're hoping it's not h1n1. There's at least one person at his school who has it. And he's a first grader too, but we don't know if he's my son class. Hope not.

Suzanne said...

I love that book by Stormie! I had the pleasure of meeting of seeing her at a small church conference. To help combat the flu we are taking black elderberry syrup, vit D and Emergen-C. Very helpful to build the immune system!