Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Flu Worries

With so much talk about sicknesses going around, I'm so nervous! I can't help it. I have a newborn in the house and 5 other little ones. I have a bad cold right now. My husband was laughing earlier because I've had tissue stuck up my nose while walking around because I was tired having to run and get tissue. Sometimes I just do things for the funny factor too. Ha ha. I'm weird like that. I heard that I missed out on a great revival night at church. Argh! I haven't put baby Caleb in the nursery yet because he is 4 weeks old. I've just been keeping him with me during service. There is a little newborn at church that is in the hospital right now with a fever. So sad. :( I have seriously got to realize that prayer is powerful. Soooo many times I worry and worry and worry and I forget to give it to God. I am reading (I'm such a bookworm) the book "The Power Of A Praying Parent". It's a great book! I'm realizing how much I need God. She was saying in there how we need to give it to God in prayer and let Him do the heavy lifting. It's true! Last night, because I drank 3 cups of coffee, I couldn't sleep and so I stayed up reading and writing out a prayer list for my kids. I don't want to just give general prayers all the time. "Oh God, protect my kids, keep them safe, and help them to want to serve you." Details!! Need details. So, I started writing down issues of things with each kid so I can remember to pray for them in more detail. God cares about the details you know. Why, oh, why do I always forget how powerful prayer is. I CAN'T get so busy that I leave God out of my days. I am scared about all the flu talk I've been hearing. I can do my best to try and protect everyone in my house but I need to also pray for God's protection. How can I forget about the Creator of the universe? This world offers sooooo many distractions. Sometimes I feel like I have to take a whip and beat down my flesh. I don't mean literally guuyyyys! That would be....really....weird. I mean having to die to my "flesh" daily. Argh. It's such a new battle every day.
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