Friday, February 26, 2010

Counting Calories and Hitting the Gym

I'm getting my chickens again this weekend!  Hallelujah!  I have missed those little guys walking around and pecking the ground.  I sold them originally because I did not miss finding another one headless every morning.  A neighborhood cat discovered the nice buffet in my backyard and started inviting the other cats over for a fellowship.  I don't know where my lazy Great Dane was at the time but he didn't do his job. Now that I have another Great Dane, she acts more tough.  So this weekend I'll be getting my good egg layers back.  Not all 30 of them.  Just 3 of them. 

I was doing great counting my calories this week.  I eat about 1200-1300 a day but today I'm sure I had 2500!  Yikes!  It was bible study tonight.  Sigh.  Couldn't help.  Or maybe I could have.  Darn it.  I need to hit the gym again tomorrow.  So far I only go 3 times a week and that is just not good enough.  Also, I had the trainers set the weights for me and they were totally wimpy!  What is up with that????  So I reset them all for 20 pounds more than what they were and finally I got a good workout.  I mean, I was doing their idea of a workout for awhile and it was so wimpy I was never sore.  Not once bit.  I like to be sore the next day. Before, I felt nothing at all and I saw no results.  Seriously, I'm not a little old decrepit lady.  I love the gym.  I could stay there and work out for 4 hours and be totally happy.  I just don't have that time.  Who does?? Oh yeah.  When I was single I just loved hanging out a the gym and working out all day.  Can't do that anymore.  Childwatch is for only 2 hours a day and so I can't keep working out.  When I check them in, I always rush right to the locker, lock up my stuff, and get into the gym asap.  Two hours is too little.  Need to be there every day so that's frustrating.  Why did my metabolism have to change when I turned 30???  Why??  It's not like it's much to lose but you know how when you have a baby you just have the extra weight that hangs around afterward?  Mine just loves me a ton because it doesn't want to go anywhere.  Why would it want to?  I was givin all sorts of gifts to it like yummy snacks and stuff.  So I chucked the bad eating out the window and work out but it is still really slow going.  Argh.  Patience, Virginia, patience. 

It's really hard to eat well when I'm on the road and I can't go home to cook for myself but if I HAVE to pull in somewhere to eat, I have this book for that purpose.  It helps me to find a more sensible solution.  It's actually fun just flipping through the book  "What?!!!  That shake is 700 calories?? Holy cow!!!"  I was saying this so loud in McDonalds that this poor guy was looking at me while eating his sandwhich.  He started looking really guilty.  Finally I said "Oh, I'm sorry.  Not trying to ruin your dinner.  I was just thinking aloud."  He said, "Can you tell me how much my McDouble is in calories."  LOL.  I'm sure the McDonald's staff really appreciated me going through the whole nutrition list and contantly going "Holy cow!" the whole time.  You know what I finally settled for?  A cheeseburger happy meal for myself.  All the portions were smaller.  Don't worry.  I gave the toy to my child.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

This Sounds Like Fun!

Enter the 2010 Next Great Young Chef contest!

My son has done this on his own without me even telling him.  I'm gonna have to put a bug in my kids ears about this one.  This would be so cute to make a video!  It might be even funnier watching what ideas they come up with to make for the video.  LOL.  Kids are so cute and I love seeing the world through their eyes.  Lately I've been trying to slow down and appreciate what's around me like the kids do.  I get so wrapped up in getting another load of laundry done or another room organized.  It seems like life is just passing me by so quickly.  One thing about my husband's grandfather was his patience to teach.  At his funeral, all 10 kids said that he always took the time to show them something when they asked.  If it was how to make bread then he would show them patiently.  If it was how to fix a radiator on a car, he wouldn't care how much longer it took, he would teach them.  I want my kids to say that about me.  It seems like I get caught up in the rush of this life.  I guess that's why I like having a zoo membership and other memberships because it makes me stop and look at nature around me.  I take that whole day off, away from the house, just to play with my kids.  Have some fun with them.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thank you Homeschool and Etc.  I beat you even more on the lazy part because my time is so short at the library (with internet) that I can only list the 7 things about myself.  I will have to come back and list the people I'd want to nominate! :)  Heh, heh.  The lemonade one you got made me giggle

1. Happy
2. Spontaneous
3. Changing
4. Learning
5. Goofy
6. Friendly
7. Hyper

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Being Old Fashioned!

Hi guys!  Being the goofy person I am and always changing things around, I turned off my internet.  My family and I frequent the library often and sometimes McDonalds so I check it when I'm there.  I don't have a TV either.  I haven't for several years so I guess we're being old fashioned!  I love books anyway like crazy.  I'm reading so many good ones like Body Clutter: Love Your Body, Love Yourself and Survival Tips for Women with AD/HD: Beyond Piles, Palms, & Post-its.  I just finished another great book too.  This really makes it hard for me homeschooling wise being that what my kids use is through the internet.  Hmmm... Time to think of some options.  I like a simple life at times although I live in a big city.  It seems so strange that I live nearby so many people yet know very little about my neighbors.  I was talking to someone recently about this.  We have so many new gadgets and ways to talk to people through internet, phone, or text messaging but in so many ways we've lost personal contact.  What happened to front porches and people just showing up to say hello?  I hate how I have to make a planned visit with someone a month from now.  I have one friend who is really spontaneous and she's fun like that.  We can just call each other up and say "Come on over!"  I know that technology was supposed to make things easier but somehow it just seems more complicated.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Please Don't Miss Out On These Tips

Seriously guys.  Here's how to make your marriage go from better to worse even better.  Ahem.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Grand Slam For Our Family

Chaz has a hard time being normal in pictures. lol. That was me though when I was a kid so it's alright.
I forgot to mention how awesome it was on the day Denny's was giving out free Grand Slams.  Well, the larger the family, the better the deal!  Haha.  Well, our good friend Cesil manages one that he was sent to.  Denny's told him of one that has low numbers and needed him to manage there for awhile and get the numbers back up.  Well, armed with that information, we made sure that was the Denny's we went to on Grand Slam day.  Sure enough, while people were waiting for hours at other locations, we walked straight in at this particular one.  No wait at all even though it was pretty busy.  We went straight to the booths, all in our matching yellow shirts and got our food within 10 minutes.  Our bill should have been over $30 so it was great having it for free.  Yeah!  That's a steal.  These are our zoo shirts since we have a membership there.  When we do things together as a family, we like to match our shirts sometimes if we are going to a place where there are lots of people.  That way we can easily spot each other.  Each year we get a different color and of course bigger sizes.  I should be getting smaller sizes though.  Not a good thing for me if I have to keep buying a bigger size each year.  I haven't had to do that except for when I'm pregnant.   I was talking about the kids getting bigger sizes each year.  Haha! 

Friday, February 19, 2010

Making Decisions

Here are my kids playing king and queen. they are trying to look as serious as possible.  They even turned their Burger King crowns to where Ryan's showed a man on his and a girl on Ivy's crown.  They only have to homeschool for a few hours and do some chores. They think they have it super tough!  Seriously!  They don't remember what it was like to be in a school all day and come home only to do more homework.  We had very little time with them.  After school and homework, we had maybe 3 hours if I was lucky to be with them.  I try to remind them of this but they don't remember.  Actually, I don't force the kids to choose homeschooling.  They chose to be homeschooled this year but a couple of them want to attend a really good charter school next year. Ryan doesn't.  He wants to stay with me homeschooling through SOS.  Ivy will be starting her first year of school and she is adamant about wanting to have a backback and go to a classroom to meet friends and have a playground.  She's so excited to finally be turning 5 and attending school.  :)  Such a socialite.  I remember what that was like.  So if she wants to, I'll definitely let her.  Especially since a couple of her brothers will be there with her.  So maybe next year I'll have just 3 at home.  Weird!  It'll be so quiet. Chaz will be working along with someone next year being that there a two Asperger kids attending that school. I'll be monitoring him closely to make sure he's getting what he needs and won't have a repeat of his 2nd grade year where he was left in a hallway everyday.  In a hallway.  I still can't believe it. One full year I entrusted my kids to a public school.  Chaz never once told me he was being left out in a hallway alone.  He was allowed to only listen to the teacher from the outside but not be in the classroom.  The kids called him freak because of it.  Chaz never ever told me this until just a few months ago.  I was heartbroken.  I talked to this new charter school and questioned them intensely to see if this could happen again.  This time, I'll be more available to "drop in" the school and see more of what's going on.  This will be a different place and it's not a public school so we're checking it out.  Anyhow, this is the discussion we've been having in our house a lot lately.  Talking with my kids, I never usually force one way on them concerning school.  Whether they want to be homeschooled or attend school elsewhere.  It's something I let them decide.  So it's different each year.  The funny thing is when my boys weren't reading very well because of the school system, I took them out and taught them myself. When I put them back in the next year, the teacher was impressed and said my kids were more advanced than their peers. I thought that was interesting since those were the same peers that my kids were falling behind from previously.  Gosh, I only homeschool a few hours a day verses how many hours they had to spend in school not including all the homework.  Hmmm....  Putting them back in, it's good to know I've given them a head start and once again they'll be ahead so I'm sure that will give them the confidence they need attending with a new class.  Anyhow, I'm just talking aloud.  Trying to work it all out in my brain and writing it down helps. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How Could I Have Wandered Away?

"I love you sink in all your perfections.  I love Flylady more because she's taught me about Sink Reflections and how to make it all managable.  How could I forget?  I have wondered away in the busyness of my home.  My kids may be dragging toilet paper behind them or my girls may be getting into my expensive makeup in the bathroom.....but my sink is doing just fine.  Thank you, Flylady."  Sigh.

Okay, that was my love letter to my sink.  No, it doesn't always look like that.  Several years ago I had blogged about this.  I loved the routine of keeping my sink looking like this.  Even if it means you have to take out the dishes and put it to the side at night so you can shine it then so be it!  Anyway, I got totally distracted.  I'm sorta busy and I had forgotten all about my wonderful routine I loved so today I went back to it.  I told my sink I was truly sorry.  Wow, now that I'm looking, the picture looks like big eyeballs staring back at me.  Weird.  Anyway, I'm surprised he's not mad dogging me.  I promise!  I will start my babysteps and get back into my routine.  :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Kids Talking To God

Lately the kids have all been talking about more children in the house.  They are not getting it from me.  Last night as I was having a bible study with the kids I told them that mommy wasn't going to have anymore babies probably.  At least not for awhile if anything.  As soon as I said that, and I kid you not, my kids got on the floor and started praying that God would give me another baby NOW.  They were fervently praying!  I sighed and said "Okay guys, lets continue with our bible study."  This is not the first time.  This is almost a daily basis.  I'm just wondering what God is thinking in the whole matter. I've talked to God about this.  I want time with the ones I have for awhile.  A good gap if I were to have another in the future.  I've talked plenty with Him on this subject.  However, if the kids are praying daily about it too and they are praying for more, I wonder what God is thinking about all this?  Either He's getting a chuckle out of all this or He could possibly take the kids' side.  After all, who in the bible ever prayed for God to dry up their womb?  Here is another scenario just two days ago...

Ivy- Mom, we need another baby girl.  I need three girls in my bedroom

Me- Oh, Ivy, we're probably not having anymore for a long time.

Ivy- That's okay, Mom.  I've already talked to God and He told me we're gonna have another one. 

She was so matter of fact about it!  Such faith a child has.  She didn't even blink when she told me and just went on playing.  This is what's been discussed at my house lately amongst the kids!  They've been praying an awful lot about this. 
This pic above was such a funny night.  This Transformer mask makes your voice also sound like them when you talk.  So Caleb was talking his baby talk but in a Transformer voice.  It was so funny that we were laughing and laughing! Caleb was smiling behind the mask and the more he talked the harder we were laughing. 

Friday, February 12, 2010

Clean Sweep

This is a book I ordered today for my lovely ADHD brain.  It was recommended to me and I'm ever so grateful for finding it!  Today, Ivy and I are doing a true Clean Sweep to see what we have and what we can sell.  This family is truly blessed because I'm telling you, we have too much stuff.  Instead of going through each room and taking stuff, we're just taking everything out and then putting back only what we need.  Chuckin' the rest.  Or selling.  Whatever works.  Goodwill, keep your back door open because we're hauling some stuff!  Right now our living room is the room we're bringing everything into.  I have to do it while my boys are gone or they freak out. 

Spam Folder Monster

For some weird, odd, and bored reason I visited my spam folder for my email to look at stuff in there. Now, I don't normally have any bored moments but it happened because my kids are all sleeping and I'm too tired to do something odd like wash clothes at midnight. Well, sometimes I do but that's when I'm hyper and can't rest. Anyway, I was visiting my spam folder and I found messages from several people. So, I usually like to respond and I always get my messages left on my blog but for some reason, every now and then, some get put in my spam folder. Sorry to those that have asked me to visit their blog! I'm not a snob, just didn't see your message. Ha ha. They're like "fine, don't look at my blog, you snob." No seriously, I am going to when my eyes aren't half closing. To those I haven't responded to, I'm comin' to visit soon! :D If you are really mad at me, you can order this decal for your minivan (you moms out there.  I know you drive a minivan) and you guys can drive around in protest.  If I notice sales going up for this sticker, I'll know.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sick Babies During Revival

Sunday night I went outreaching after church with just my family so we could invite people to revival. A few of the people I talked to said they would like to come and asked if I'd be there too. I said "Of course!" That night after we went home, my son Caleb broke out in a fever and Ashley wasn't feeling very good.  Oh no!  So I couldn't go to revival Monday night and then I found out later that several visitors came and even went to the alter but I didn't get to see if it was the people I invited or not.  :( 
So, Tuesday night I had duty for nursery and I didn't want to have to cancel and make them find someone last minute. My mom offered to keep Caleb with her. So we finally make it and I head down to nursery right on time.  As I'm sitting in my chair, the nursery leader assistant comes to talk to me.  She's incredibly sweet so she says this very nicely.  "Virginia, next time you are gonna miss, can you call us in advance so we can find a worker?"  I looked at her like "Huh?  I'm here!"  I asked her "Why, did I do that last month or something?"  She said, "No, last night."  I looked at her blankly and then I said, "Last night was my night???"  Ohhhhhh, how embarrassing.  I can be such a goof sometimes!  She said, "It's okay!  We needed someone tonight anyway" and so I ended up filling in for someone. 

So, Wednesday night I wanted to go again and so my mom offered again to keep Caleb. ((Hugs)) Awesome mom! So this time I got to sit in service. He talked some about forgiveness. Forgiving your family. Stuff like that. He shared some stories about when he was a Pit Fighter and how hating his father is what fueled that anger in him. Tonight is the last night and I have to sing on platform so I'm gonna try and make it again! He's gonna share his testimony again and so this time I hope to film it and put it on Youtube in hopes it will reach someone that needs it. It's been a busy week but so worth it!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Hating Your Brother

Forgive me or maybe not for talking so much about revival this week. I've been learning so much. Sunday's sermon was about Hating Your Brother. I have thought a lot about how the bible says that hating your brother is the same as murder. How much weight does that hold? Well, as we can see in the world, it really does play out. What about in my world? Well, I've been guilty of it. I've been guilty of bitterness, anger, hatred towards those that have hurt me. To the point that if I even saw their picture I would instantly be upset. After hearing this sermon, especially the story that I filmed for you at the bottom of this post, I went to the alter to repent. No wonder I wasn't doing well in my spiritual walk with Christ. I was holding on to so much baggage that I was so weary. Where was my joy? My peace? I prayed and listed names of people to forgive. Then I wrote them letters. Telling them how much I loved them. Cared for their souls. One in particular I especially felt I wrong about. No matter how hurt I was, I should have kept my hurt to myself and prayed for her instead. Now after writing her and asking for her forgiveness, healing began for both of us. Now I look forward to her letters of friendship that we are writing. :) What good does hatred do? By hating someone, could we possibly be a stumbling block to them? What kind of example of a Christian am I being to them? Because of hatred, might they possibly turn their back on God because of poor exampleship on my part? I don't want to be guilty of that. In that sense, I can perfectly see why hatred can be murder. God help me if I have ever been a stumbling block to others because of immaturity on my part. Or because of pride. (This video has to really be turned up to hear. It's just a short story but very powerful).

Monday, February 08, 2010

Telling People About Jesus

On Saturday, I got up at seven by myself and I met with my dad for breakfast.  I don't get a chance to get out much so I thought I'd ask to meet him.  After we finished eating I asked him if I could go with him to the church outreach.  I hadn't gone in awhile because I wasn't sure if I could keep up while using my double strollers and having all the little ones.  This time I was by myself since Charles was at home with the kids.  After we got there, there was sooo many people that showed up to pass out flyers and tell people about Jesus.  We grabbed our flyers and 3 more people to go with us in our car and meet up with the group at a certain location.  After witnessing for awhile, I notice my friend Deborah, who is 13 having such an open witness with people.  She was using The Way Of The Master technique.  I asked her to remind me about it.  I didn't try it right away but we were there for a couple of hours just going door to door telling people about Jesus.  I was so excited because it had been so long for me!  I love going to church 3 times a week and Bible Study on Fridays, but telling people about Jesus OUTSIDE the four walls of the church was the best thing I have done since I don't know when.  Some people will never set foot in a church.  You could be their only opportunity to hear about Christ.  So, later that day, after I went back home to my family, we left again to the store.  I got out of my van with more flyers and tickets to give out for a drama that was going to be that night.  It was a drama from the previous post I just wrote "Twice Dead."  A true story.  At a grocery store I began to share the gospel with people.  This time I used The Way Of The Master and I was shocked at the openness I was getting with people.  So today after church I went to two more different stores and had the same opportunities.  Wow.  Why would I not want to share Jesus with people who are lost???  It's be like knowing that a bridge is out ahead.  Me, standing there, waving people past with a smile on my face knowing that death is ahead.  Not giving a warning.  Not a care.  Same thing.  Anyway, to my Christian friends, I want to share this with you.  This is an amazing video of Ray Comfort talking a teen about Jesus.  This is the same thing I did and was suprised at how many were open and listened.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Twice Dead

We have an evangelist this week.  His name is Roman Gutierrez.  He has quite a story!  They did a drama last night about his life and it's amazing he's alive.  He's been shot in the back of the head, stabbed twice, part of his ribs blown off, his arm severed.  He died twice, once for 5 minutes and another for 6 minutes.  He said his mom used to party and leave him locked in a closet with no food or water.  One time she even left town for 4 days with him locked in a closet. He had no food or water and of course no restroom.  He was only 6 years old in a dark closet, screaming.  So he grew up in San Antonio, Texas with gangs.  He grew up with so much hate.  While waiting for his father to come get him for the weekend, he gets a phone call that his dad was found dead with a needle still in his arm.  By eleven he started shooting up and had his first tatoo.  I found the book online!  It's his story.  You'd just be amazed and you can even buy it as low as $6.54.  Not trying to advertise just to get you to buy a book.  This is an amazing testimony of how is was delivered and I can tell you that it wasn't through rehab or through doctors!  Anyway, he is preaching for us every night through Thursday.  I'm just so excited and Saturday we passed out flyers door to door to invite people.  I had an excellent time.  I will share with you tomorrow about it!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Too Many Kids?

Listening today to Mark Gungor while I was cleaning was refreshing to hear. Here's the topic.

"Mark and Debbie talk about handling a friend that is having an affair with a married man and what to say to a family member that thinks you have too many kids. Mark addresses a challenge to his statement that ‘Jesus is enough.’ An e-mail asks about how to work on ‘us’ after all the serious problems in their marriage."

The part I would love for you to hear is the portion about having kids.  He talks about how people nowadays see it as such an inconvienance.  CLICK HERE to listen!  To go straight to that topic, just push slider to 00:9:50.  Actually, the letter that is sent to Mark Gungor sounded a lot like one I could send in.  I've had family make these comments.  It used to hurt but now I realize that people just have their own treasure.  My children are my treasures. 

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Sunday Rest

Sunday is always such a beautiful day and of course always spent in God's house.  :)  In between church we love to have picnics and play at the park.  At least that's one of our favorites.  Usually my kids' buddies like to come along too so this day we took twins. 

"Okay, which one of you is Isaac and which one Isaias?" 

I'm always asking that question.  They are identical. Both really, really great boys and they get along great with my kids.  They are usually at our house or our kids are at theirs.  I'm so proud of my kids really getting out and making some friends.  At their last school, my kids made some less than desirable friends and they picked up on some bad things.  Being that they're homeschooled, then tend to just have kids from church.  Now that I have six kids, what's a few more on a Sunday afternoon???  LOL.  How do you guys like to spend your Sundays?

Monday, February 01, 2010

My Princess in Her Castle

We used to move around at least once a year. We were never happy where we went because we were always renting.  I didn't really care to own.  I loved not having to worry about repairs and such.  I just realized we've been in our home for 3 years next month.  Wow!  Also, I've been blogging for 4 years!  Double wow.  Time has flown!  I'm still in love with my home.  It's my castle.  I love the big, big backyard where kids can be kids. I never had that before renting.  Now, I so wish we had invested earlier in a home.  Young and dumb!  I can't wait to have chickens again and a vegetable garden.  Whooo! 

Today we went to the gym.  My mom had baby Caleb at her house and so we headed to the gym ourselves.  Usually I like to burn 1,000 calories doing cardio but today my legs hurt.  Poopie.  I only burned half of that.  Tomorrow, it'll be different.  I really want to check out the spin class.  You know, I've always loved the gym since I was a little girl.  My mom had us girls in cheerleading when we were little (when it was innocent) and once we got to cheerlead for The Suns during half time.  I remember these big guys running around and a big stadium.  I didn't really care though and I didn't notice as much all the people.  We just went out and had fun.  My mom pulled us out though we it wasn't so innocent anymore.  I'm glad for that.  She's a good mommy. 

We got a new BIG dog.  So now we have TWO great danes.  Both so gentle and sweet.  It'll be tough though in the sense of twice the poop. Okay, twice the Dinosaur doo.  Great Danes are such great dogs.

Introducing Asperger Blog

Hi!  I know some already know about this blog but I have another blog that I am writing.  I started only a little while back but I wish I had started sooner. Meet Chaz is about my oldest son Chaz.  If you guys know any other Asperger blogs out there, please let me know!  I would love to follow so I can learn more.