Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Grand Slam For Our Family

Chaz has a hard time being normal in pictures. lol. That was me though when I was a kid so it's alright.
I forgot to mention how awesome it was on the day Denny's was giving out free Grand Slams.  Well, the larger the family, the better the deal!  Haha.  Well, our good friend Cesil manages one that he was sent to.  Denny's told him of one that has low numbers and needed him to manage there for awhile and get the numbers back up.  Well, armed with that information, we made sure that was the Denny's we went to on Grand Slam day.  Sure enough, while people were waiting for hours at other locations, we walked straight in at this particular one.  No wait at all even though it was pretty busy.  We went straight to the booths, all in our matching yellow shirts and got our food within 10 minutes.  Our bill should have been over $30 so it was great having it for free.  Yeah!  That's a steal.  These are our zoo shirts since we have a membership there.  When we do things together as a family, we like to match our shirts sometimes if we are going to a place where there are lots of people.  That way we can easily spot each other.  Each year we get a different color and of course bigger sizes.  I should be getting smaller sizes though.  Not a good thing for me if I have to keep buying a bigger size each year.  I haven't had to do that except for when I'm pregnant.   I was talking about the kids getting bigger sizes each year.  Haha! 
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