Friday, February 05, 2010

Too Many Kids?

Listening today to Mark Gungor while I was cleaning was refreshing to hear. Here's the topic.

"Mark and Debbie talk about handling a friend that is having an affair with a married man and what to say to a family member that thinks you have too many kids. Mark addresses a challenge to his statement that ‘Jesus is enough.’ An e-mail asks about how to work on ‘us’ after all the serious problems in their marriage."

The part I would love for you to hear is the portion about having kids.  He talks about how people nowadays see it as such an inconvienance.  CLICK HERE to listen!  To go straight to that topic, just push slider to 00:9:50.  Actually, the letter that is sent to Mark Gungor sounded a lot like one I could send in.  I've had family make these comments.  It used to hurt but now I realize that people just have their own treasure.  My children are my treasures. 
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