Friday, February 05, 2010

Too Many Kids?

Listening today to Mark Gungor while I was cleaning was refreshing to hear. Here's the topic.

"Mark and Debbie talk about handling a friend that is having an affair with a married man and what to say to a family member that thinks you have too many kids. Mark addresses a challenge to his statement that ‘Jesus is enough.’ An e-mail asks about how to work on ‘us’ after all the serious problems in their marriage."

The part I would love for you to hear is the portion about having kids.  He talks about how people nowadays see it as such an inconvienance.  CLICK HERE to listen!  To go straight to that topic, just push slider to 00:9:50.  Actually, the letter that is sent to Mark Gungor sounded a lot like one I could send in.  I've had family make these comments.  It used to hurt but now I realize that people just have their own treasure.  My children are my treasures. 


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Birth control differentiates people from animals??? UM, I would NOT be going to these "family" gatherings ever again. Girl would probably get punched in the face if she said that to me. Since I'm an animal and all. Roar.

Rachael said...

Front page of PEOPLE is about the Duggars and whether or not they have to many kids. I don't use BC and Im proud of that. I have 3 kids 2 mine one is my husbands we are happy with all three but if God decided we should have more then thats up to him to decide. Who am I to question his plan for my family?

Kerrie McLoughlin said...

i use NFP and have never felt healthier and save lots of money, too! and i feel so empowered knowing my cycles and symptoms of fertility ... much smarter than just popping a Pill. we have 5 ... all planned. and thinking of #6. jenny ... how's the weight loss going? mine is horrible! then hubby travels and it gets even worse!

Mama Mazzone said...

Thank you for sharing this blog entry my husband and I are in our early 20's and have a beautiful one year old little girl and hear negative comments about it all the time and how we are missing out on life...we are not the ones that are missing out and its beautiful to see other people share the same views as us

Jenny said...

Funny how it's more acceptable these days to say you are having an abortion than it is to announce you are having a child.

Anonymous said...

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