Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pregnancy and Rhogam Shots

  The other day I took three different pregnancy tests and it came out positive.  So, unless they are wrong I guess that would make me pregnant.  I know my body very, very well so I knew right away when I became pregnant. I'm super, duper, duper, duper excited!  Wow!  I pray I'd be a better supermom to be an amazing mom to these kids but till then I'll just keep trying my best. 

Okay, so I also am in fear right now.  I always have to get that Rhogam shot because my husband is O+ blood type and I am B-.  I've had to have this shot every year since I became pregnant with my firstborn 14 years ago.  When I became pregnant with my last baby, I had to go to the hospital very early on in the pregnancy for cramping.  They actually were expecting a miscarriage.  I then told them that I hadn't had my Rhogam shot yet.  They hadn't even thought about asking me.  Kinda makes me wonder if some miscarriages can be prevented because some don't know about the blood type issues.  Within 10 minutes of getting that shot all contractions stopped and I went home. My body was trying to reject my baby.  Yeah, I'm nervous because I need to purchase that shot asap and it's around $200. Currently looking where to go without having to go to my pregnancy specialist who charges a ton for it. She even told me not to get it from her because it's way more expensive.  I found the shot at it's cheapest at the worst place ever.  If I'd be willing to go to an abortion clinic then I could only pay $40 for that shot. Sorry, I don't think so. I'd rather pay $500 than go to them and fund them any money. 

Anyway, I guess I'll find out for sure if I'm pregnant later but I'm pretty sure I am.  Uterus is achy just like every other time I'm pregnant.  But that's also a sign I need that shot asap.  I love my babies with all my heart.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Messy Toddler in the House!

My little toddler is like a tornado that runs through the house and destroys everything.  I love her like crazy, but yikes!  Juliet is like the queen of destruction!  Haha.  She empties out the bookshelf every single day.  As soon as I catch her I immediately tell her no and pull her hand away. This must've been when I used the restroom.  Yeah, cause I keep an eye on her like a hawk.  The girl doesn't go anywhere without me knowing where she is at all times. 

All my kids loved to make tents around the age 6-10.  Well, this time it's my girls.  They are occupying space in the living room for their tent.  The hard part was keeping baby Juliet from pulling it down.  Man, my kids are gonna grow up with some serious patience.  Ladies and gentleman, these kids with be TRAINED with patience.  They constantly have a toddler in the house and don't mind it one bit.  They've just learned to put their valuables up a little higher.  Juliet's lucky because she has so many to go to for comfort and snuggles and they give it to her.

Baby and me. My little messy one.  She was upset but the moment I put the camera on her she smiled.  Such a girl. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Large Family Laundry Catch Up and Annoying Ulcers

Yay... I love playing catch up. Not. However, knowing I can head to the nearest laundrymat and just do 27 loads at once makes it feel better. I brought two helpers and we knocked out those loads and folded in 2 1/2 hours flat. We walked out tired and happy. 

Recently I went to the doctor for severe stomach pain. At first they thought it was the gall bladder but turns out it's ulcers. Gee, I don't know what caused that. The doctor asked what's happened in my life that is causing major stress. Well, relatives I love passing away too early. Sometimes scared something will happen again, that the economy will crash. That my husband's job would be affected again. Another major change in my life that I can't discuss. Just that attending caused such major stress I had to remove myself before breaking down majorly. I have since remedied that but it is still an adjustment. Major. Each week though it's getting better and better. 

My own kids and husband are such a huge comfort. What incredible blessings God has given me. They bring joy to my days and I love, love, love waking up to them every day. Some tell me they don't understand how I could be with my kids 24/7 and love it every day. I don't know, I guess the attitude adjustment I got back when I had my third kid stuck. It wasn't all about me anymore. :D

On a sad note: I miss my uncle Ron. He didn't have to die. Still waiting to hear results from investigation. He's in heaven but my heart hurts for his family and my dad. His funeral was amazing. He left a big impact because of his amazing work ethics, and very good husband and father. Everyone said he was always happy and made everyone happy around him. He wasn't a big time evangelist or serving in a homeless kitchen but he showed Christ's love thru his actions to people around him. Being a person like that doesn't mean it'll make the papers but it matters in those people's lives. Imagine if everyone lived like that. ;) For others and not just for ourselves. It'd be incredible.

Monday, February 03, 2014

Leaving a Legacy-What Others Say About You When You Pass Away

 My Uncle Ron's unexpected passing at 57 really got me thinking.  Since visiting with family and hearing what everyone said about him, I'm even more amazed.  Nobody had anything bad to say. He was an attentive father, loving husband, hard worker, and an equally amazing grandfather.  I love that he put family first and kept all his relationships intact.  Not letting outside forces break each other apart.  Sometimes you have to fight for what you really care about.  Many times, not all the times, but many times it's your blood family that will stick with you whether or not you are super likable.  I tell the kids all the time that although they fight, they are learning how to work through problems that will help them as adults.  It's worth working through.  It's worth learning how to apologize and forgive.  Not to waste these opportunities by holding grudges.  I get sad when I hear that grown siblings are holding onto hurts from childhood.  Seriously, kids are immature and do and say stupid things.  Not worth holding onto. 

Talking to family the other day, they told me how Ron's co-workers could have went home earlier in the day.  When they found out Ron died on the job, they stayed till late that night all sitting together still at work.  They said he was the sunshine of the company.  That he brought joy to the workplace and was always the first one in with a smile.  I love that.  Will my kids remember me as stressed, contentious, and grumpy when days are hard?  Or will they see that even if mommy is having a hard day, she didn't take it out on everyone around her?  I think about things like this every single day.  EVERY DAY.

I loved how Ron had his grandkids over often and welcomed his home to them.  Here they are grown, all done raising kids, and he still loved the busyness of it. That's gotta be a tad tough I would think.  But that kind of unselfishness and patience is an amazing quality.  They traveled together as a whole family unit even though their kids are all raised. 

When someone passes on and they leave this kind of legacy behind them, what a testimony to have.  You won't be remembered just by what you say you believe.  You will be remembered by how you treated others around you and how you lived on a daily basis. 

"Lord, please help me to leave this kind of impact on my family and friends as Uncle Ron did.  I want to strive every day to be a leader to my kids and people around me.  Someone who lives it and loves.  Not just talks about what's wrong with the whole world around me.  I can't change the whole world.  I can only have an impact on the world around me so that they can learn and impact the world around them.  Help me to love by accepting people as they are and not what I want them to be. Amen."

Sunday, February 02, 2014

A Sad Weekend

This week has been a tough week. my sweet Uncle Ron was found dead by his tractor.  We don't know the cause yet but will know in a few days. He was only 57.  He is just the kind of guy that made everyone happy around him. Even at his work place. My heart is sad for my dad because that was his only sibling. Their parents died when the boys were little. So my dad has no one left in his immediate family. :( Ron was just an amazing husband and father. Such an amazing testimony to have.