Friday, August 26, 2011

Who Wants to Free a Duggar? Learning Activities-First Month Free-Click Here!

A friend recently shared with me not to feel bad about using a "boxed curriculum".  I really needed something that gave me guidelines about where they should be.  I am pretty interested in unit studies since it sounds pretty neat though.  The other day I was kind of perturbed by K12 with all the work.  However, after talking to some mentors, I came up with my own version called K12 Lite.  We still do the work, no skipping on that.  However, if they already know the material, I just have them go straight to the assessment rather than waste hours on repetitive work.  Makes sense, huh?  I had to do that after see one lonely tear roll down Ryan's cheek after being overworked for 8 hours.  In fact, I was so ticked off I almost threw out the program.  Since doing it the K12 Lite way, we got our love of learning back.  Call me a rebel if you like.  I call it sanity.  Instead of homeschooling 8-10 hours a day, we are generally done in about 6 hours. Sounds more like a real school day. 

Recently I was attacked by a group called Free Jinger).  I was told I am suppressed by my husband and am super protective of my friends.  Well, first off, I love my husband like crazy and he in no way is a meany.  He gives me lots of freedom and is a joy to be around.  Now, being protective of my friends is absolutely true.  The only time I ever grow distant to someone is because I feel like they might be a negative influence on my family.  You are who you hang around.  Birds of a feather flock together.  By the way, when they say Free Jinger they mean Jinger Duggar.  So you can get from that how they think big families are torturous to the children.  They based a whole group off of the assumption that Jinger Duggar is a miserable teen. Never mind that she looks happy, enjoys the family, and always has something positive to say.  Her attitude says it all.  I guess maybe Jinger gives some people something to talk about.  Like quilting is to some, bashing families is to others.  I certainly don't want to free a Duggar.  That's obviously a happy family that doesn't need any intervention.  Maybe the focus can be on freeing kids in real broken homes with drugs, abuse, and abandonment?  Maybe focusing on teens thinking about murdering their babies because someone is telling them it's just tissue?  I don't know. Groups like these just baffle me that focus on happy kids in a stable home.  Seems such a waste.
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