Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Ticket to Staying Young

Caleb in his sister's shirt and Scooby yawning
(I have to note about the pictures I'm posting.  This was yesterday.  The girls took the opportunity while I was homeschooling to put a girl shirt on Caleb.  They love to dress him up in doll clothes and even put bonnets on him.  Poor kid. I finally grabbed my camera after he also put pink earmuffs on.  Every time I would take a picture, the dog would be making a funny face.  Haha.)

Today I got to participate in a really cool study about store designs.  I can't say anything more about it but I can say it's sure fun to make $100 for only sitting there less than an hour.  Whoo, if only I could do that every day!

Is it just me or does the dog looked freaked
out by the baby?
Tonight after church I had a chance to talk to another K12 buddy who's been using it for years.  She really helped me and gave me some ideas on how to lesson the load.  She also told me that K12 has added a lot more work than there used to be.  When they say a 5th grader should only take 5 hours, they actually mean 8 hours.  She had to pull her kids out of the high school version of it for that reason and they are now in a different program. For now though I am happy with K12.  With my new way of doing it maybe I can call it the K12 Lite version?  Haha.  That's still about 6 hours a day so they are learning a lot.  Just not being hit over the head to the point of fainting with too much information.  Boy, am I relieved!  (So are my kids)  My house completely fell apart these last two weeks and although it's not the most important thing, it's a nice thing to be able to walk without spraining an ankle.  Or bruising all my toes and falling with a huge laundry basket like a goof.  (Like today).  

Scooby stretching
Caleb has been hilarious as usual.  As he gets older and older though he gets gut laughs from us.  Today while in the car we were doing roll call like we always do.  We don't have a massive family or anything.  It's just hard to see them from where we sit so we make sure they are there for safety sake.  Well, as I called out the names, baby Caleb would shout out "HERE!" before they could.  He did it for every single kid and they were all in giggles.  They tell me all the time how they want another brother or sister but I tell them to be patient.  Mommy needs to get braver first.  Well, not that I was brave with any of the others but it might help.  Haha.  Seriously though, Charles and I have a blast with all these kids. They may be a lot of work but they sure keep us havin' fun!!!  I seriously doubt I would've ever had a chance to go visit all these fun places. I would probably never go the science center just because.  Or slide down the pumped up slide next to a bunch of kids.  I doubt I'd even go to Skateland to hang with a girlfriend. I don't have this overwhelming desire to go hanging out with girlfriends because we just have so much fun together as a family.  Heck, I'm looking forward to visiting the wavepool and going down the big yellow slide with them this Saturday. Kids let me see the world from their eyes all over again.  

P.S. I ran into an article today titled Is a Large Family Cruel to Other Siblings?

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