Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Chaz's Update

I went to see Chaz's doctor yesterday because I had been observing Chaz since he last went. I had a few more things to tell her that I had noticed he struggled with. Once I shared them with her and she was watching Chaz in her office, she again confirmed that he is very much has "Asperger Syndrome". Much more than we had originally thought. Also, OCD (obsessive Compulsive Disorder) which actually comes with Aspergers. It is not easy to diagnose Aspergers (Autism) because you have to be everything on the list to be diagnosed that. You can't just have a couple or even a few things. The one thing that stops him from being "Rain Man" Autistic is his developed speech. He talks well and is not delayed at all in his development. She prescribed him new medication including a new one to help calm the OCD and ADHD. I went to the pharmacy to pick it up but something the pharmasist said stopped me right in my tracks. One of his medications is addictive and needed special authorization. I went home troubled thinking about it. Number one, Aspergers is not curable. So does this mean he will always need these meds? Do I want those kinds of things in his body for so long? Charles and I talked about it. I slept on it. This morning I decided that I will not put him on these meds. I will go a natural route. Yes, it will cost me more money. The medical field will fight me, the school will fight me, and even some people in my life will. But I have to think about what is best for Chaz. God made Chaz special. Aspergers is not just "a curse". There is a positive side. They tend to have a photographic memory and are very intellegent. Do I want to suppress that with drugs? I would rather only rid the negative symptoms. I found a proven natural route to go so we will be going in that direction. If his school will not agree with me, I will pull him out and school him at home until I find a school that will support us in our decision. Today the school is having a meeting about Chaz and coming up with an IEP plan for his education which is good. But this nurtitional route I am putting him on will keep him in a regular class room. The state does pay for someone to come to my house and specially tutor him and give him speech therapy. They also will take him on field trips to teach him how to respond socially to situations. What is proper and what is not. The state will even pay to have someone come to your house so you can get out once a month alone with your spouse. That is great since Chaz is quite a handful for us. Now, when we have just Ryan, Kyle, and Ivy going places, it is extremely, 100% different than if Chaz is with us. The others are calm, obedient, happy, and easily can be taken places. Night and day difference. So, I am glad that we are finding some answers and I really feel at peace the route we are taking. Our pastor, Pastor Aulson, showed a science video series by Dr. Hovind that gave us some answers. Dr. Hovind is also a Christian and he lives by the natural method of treating symptoms. Now, this won't cure Chaz of Aspergers, OCD, and ADHD but it will stop the symptoms of it. But you have to remember that meds won't cure him of it either. I met a mom that had 2 Asperger sons and she went the same route we are going 2 years ago. Her sons now have absolutely no symptoms because of it and are in regular classrooms getting excellent grades. is an excellent site for helping Aspergers or Autism without the meds. Since this journal is on my website, I wanted to provide a site to help other moms in the same boat. Take care and God bless!

*Asperger Syndrome*
Individuals with AS can exhibit a variety of characteristics and the disorder can range from mild to severe. Persons with AS show marked deficiencies in social skills, have difficulties with transitions or changes and prefer sameness. They often have obsessive routines and may be preoccupied with a particular subject of interest. They have a great deal of difficulty reading nonverbal cues (body language) and very often the individual with AS has difficulty determining proper body space. Often overly sensitive to sounds, tastes, smells, and sights, the person with AS may prefer soft clothing, certain foods, and be bothered by sounds or lights no one else seems to hear or see. It's important to remember that the person with AS perceives the world very differently. Therefore, many behaviors that seem odd or unusual are due to those neurological differences and not the result of intentional rudeness or bad behavior, and most certainly not the result of "improper parenting".

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Funny Library Singing

This is a funny video of two students who start singing in
the library with hidden cameras filming. It is funny to see
the reaction on the unsuspecting people's faces. How would love to
sing as if no one was listening. Dance as if no one
was watching. Live as if every minute mattered.
This is a funny video...Type in this site.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Day at the Spa

Saturday was a great day my best friend Brianne and I had been planning for a month. She picked me up around 11am to drive out to Surprise. Her mom runs a spa there. So, it was quite a drive! When we got there, we went into seperate rooms and had our one hour full body massage. It was great!!! The lady who worked with me was named Asia. I love her name because if we have another girl, it's Charles' turn to name her, so we'd name her Asia Desiree. No, I'm not pregnant right now. Anyhow, after the massages we headed to a "Weekenders" party at her mom's house. We're figuring we're gonna sit down and relax for this one because they sell clothes but more for older people. When we get there, just as we walk in they tell us they had been waiting for us. Brianne and I are to model the clothes. Aaghh! We were both saying, "this is not our style!" So we changed into the clothes and came out. Turns out, I love the clothes and we had a great time. Leatha is Brianne's mom. She is a wonderful person and is very giving. I loved the retirement community that we went to. We're gonna go back and swim there. Guys, if you're worried about not wanting to see bikini women, this is the place to go! Vice versa. No young guys in funky Speedos! LOL! Even in the weight room from what I saw. It was a beautiful place. I loved sitting in the rooms after the massage in our robes and sipping hot tea. The thing I loved the most was the ice water. I knew something tasted different when I took a drink. I looked inside of the pitcher and saw slices of lemons AND oranges. It was really good. It was a great day. :)

Chaz Pictures

Chaz with toy.

Papa reading to Chaz.

Asperger Syndrome

(Spaghetti dinners are the messiest! Chaz is the second child from the right with the big spaghetti smile.)

I wanted to journal about my son Chaz because it might help someone out there who is going through the same thing with their son. Also, I would like to give a Christian perspective on my thoughts. For four years I have struggled with my son and being that he was my first, I thought his behaviors were typical for a boy and I overlooked them. (And disciplined a lot). I realize that there will always be someone who thinks they're a doctor and that they know the diagnosis but I just label that as "ignorance" and walk away. They have not lived with my son on a day to day basis. However, I have many people supporting me including my pastor so I feel I can move forward and help Chaz with great confidence.

First off, my 5 year old son was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome (and ADHD) last week. Another way of putting it is "Autistic-like qualities with developed speech. They can seem like any other kid in some ways but have problems in the social arena. There is a long list of what Asperger is and they usually have to meet all of them to be diagnosed with it.

I will not be despaired because I know that God made Chaz and He trusted Chaz to our care knowing this is who Chaz is. Aspergers can be a gift and a curse at the same time. Chaz tends to have "sensory overload". Sometimes he can handle noise, other times he'll cover his ears and start to get really upset and panic. He is literal about things that you say often times. Chaz is very aggressive and is seen as a bully at times. He can go from completely calm to very angry in 5 seconds flat. Certain clothing bother him and certain types of shirts drive him nuts. He has to have things lined up and will follow patterns. Usually people can mistake his behaviors as a result of "improper parenting" because his behaviors can look like a boy who is just rude or aggressive.

The bright side, is often these kids grow up very bright and intellegent. Einstein was thought to have had Aspergers and some other successful people. They have one particular area of focus and often will only speak of that and can seem obsessed about that subject. I am grateful that Chaz I am grateful that Chaz is high functioning.

  Aspergers is a neurological disorder and not a cause of something. It is not curable but I do believe that God can heal him. Most importantly, I know God has a special plan for Chaz. I only feel blessed that God would entrust Chaz into my hands to take him on this journey. I hope my journals will help anyone else who is facing a difficult time in their lives. Yes, it has been an unbelievably hard 4 years for us, but it is God who gives us the strength. I pray that you too would look to God for answers and not despair. The world will tell you that all hope is lost, but God gives life and it more abundantly if you seek him and make him your Lord and Savior. I know that God didn't bring us this far just to leave us. He has a special plan.

  • Click here to read more about "Asperger Syndrome"

  • or see "links" for more info.

    Thursday, March 23, 2006

    Our Scare of the Day

    Oh man, the trials of life! After my Homemakers class today, I headed to my sister Tammy's house to drop my son off. She invited us inside. As her and I were talking. I heard a "thud". I heard all the boys yelling that Kyle (my 2 year old) landed on his head from the top of the bunk bed. Oh my gosh! I went in the room and Kyle was just laying there. I held him and it was like holding a raggety anne doll. He was so limp. I couldn't get him to stand, lift his head or arms. I was so scared. I realized then that he had a small gash in his head and his tongue was bleeding. Tammy said, "Do you want me to call 911?!". I said instead I will drive down the street to the ER. My kids stayed with Tammy. I talked to him the whole way there, left my car with the valet and rushed in the ER checkin. I still had to carry him. Right away they took him in and gave him a cat scan. He just laid there as they put cotton swabs in the little whole of his head. They said normally kids would be screaming. I found out that he only needed 2 stitches but no swelling of the brain. Kyle did have a minor head injury and I do have to bring him right away to the doctors office tomorrow. Ironically, I have 2 other appointment at different places so the day will be full. The days have been more than full since Chaz (my 5 year old) has seen every doctor I could imagine in the last weeks. Tomorrow, and the following weeks, I have more tests for Chaz. I think Kyle will be okay. It took a few hours but he finally started playing and being himself again. I thank God because it could have been so much worse! He had fallen from the top of a bunk bed, completely upside down, straight onto his head. I thank God it was only minor injuries. I loved the valet parking at Thunderbird! It was nice to just pull up, take my son out and have them park the car. That was a blessing. Usually I am extremely picky about which hospital I go to (Scottsdale on Shea) but Thunderbird really surprised me about how wonderful they were and fast. If God gave us children then He will also give us the strength to raise them. In good times and in bad. Even the scary. : )

    Tuesday, March 21, 2006

    Stop and Smell the Roses

    Chaz had a tough day at school today so when I went to pick him up, he cried in my arms for awhile. He said, "Mommy? Will you take me to the park and play baseball with me?" I was thinking about all the phone calls I had to make and things I had to get done. But I know better to stop and smell the roses in life. Chaz will never be 5 years old again. I said, "Sure, Chaz". So we played baseball for awhile, then they played in the sand. Daddy met us up at lunch time and played with the kids. It was a beautiful day. Sure I didn't get as much done, but my son wanted to play baseball. So baseball it was. :)

    Calling Jodee in South Africa

    It took me forever yesterday to figure out how to call my sister in Cape Town, South Africa. My gosh. I tried every number possible but I wasn't getting through. I used to work at a software company where I called internationally all the time. But for the life of me I couldn't remember. Finally, after an hour, I wrote Pastor Zeable in another part of South Africa and he got me the right number. By the time I got a hold of Jodee (at my time 2pm), it was 11pm for them and they were heading to bed. I asked her how it's been going finding a place to live but she said that they've looked and looked. Everything is just so expensive. I also asked her how it went trying to get used to the new time zone. She said after the plane landed, the next day was their anniversary and they forgot because they were so tired. I can understand! It was good to hear my sister's voice. I'll be calling often now that I know how to get through! : ) I can't wait to fly up and see her. My mom and dad are gonna go in September.

    Saturday, March 18, 2006

    Baby's New Swimsuit

    Charles bought his little girl a swimsuit today. Okay, I know it's a little early, but that's okay. Daddy couldn't resist how cute it was so he got it for her. Is this the beginning of a little girl's overloaded wardrobe just because a daddy couldn't resist her sweet smile? I'm glad he has a good career! Whew! One more girl in this family and he might have to work some overtime! : ) Just kidding. My husband means so much more to me than just a few more dollars (or a few hundred). I'd rather have him home (or out) and enjoying himself instead of working his life away.

    Thursday, March 16, 2006

    Field Day

    My nephews Kelvyn and Geoffrey had field day today at school. They did really well! So, as a celebration I took them to McDonalds and they got happy meals. Geoffrey got 1st place and Kelvyn got 3rd place in the races. Aunt Jenny is proud of you guys!!!

    Monday, March 13, 2006

    Bonnet Trouble

    First picture: HAT On. Second Picture: Hat (coming) OFF. Hee, hee. I'm training Ivy to have things on her head since in the summer I want her to be protected. I did that with all of my other kids so they would wear hats. Sometimes it's a challenge but eventually they surrender. ; ) On the second picture, you can see who is my next challenge. : D


    I once made fun of Leslea when she brought little Tiffany to church with a microscopic pony tail on the top of her head held by a tiny rubber band. Now....I'm trying to make pigtails on Ivy even though there is not much to hold. I was laughing about it today. Now I understand. : )

    Friday, March 10, 2006

    My Husband, Charles

    Thank you, God, for my awesome husband! Only You knew he was the perfect match for me! We both realize how good of a balance we are for each other. We both love camping, hiking, playing sports, board games, shopping, and so much more. We have the same views. We both love politics. I'm glad God did the choosing because if I had tried to pick my own, it could have been a disaster. I prayed that God would show me whether or not Charles and I were meant to be together. I felt so strongly in my heart that this is who God had for me. God will show you! I had dated someone for 4 years previously and I had checked feelings about it that this is not who God had for me. Thank goodness I married Charles. God knows the heart of people way more than we could know. Go to God in your decisions! He sees things that we don't see. We see what they want you to see. I thank God He gave me my Charles.

    Tuesday, March 07, 2006

    Chuck E. Cheese Fun

    After I picked up my nephews from school we headed to Chuck E. Cheese. Tammy and I figured that Geoff would meet us there after work. After we were there for 4 hours, I wondered if Geoff was okay because he hadn't made it. The kids had all spent their 120 tokens and gotten their prizes. So I called Tammy at her store. She called Geoff and found out that Geoff made it to Chuck E. Cheese but at a different one! : ) I'm sure the boys got their fill of Chuck E. Cheese today! LOL! I only had 5 kids there with me because my mom wanted to spend some time with Ivy.

    Farewell Party

    This entry is a little late but I wanted to share it with you before I put it in the February archives. This farewell party was held on February 22 for my sister Jodee and her husband Dan before they left to Cape Town, South Africa. To see more pictures, click on link below.

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    Monday, March 06, 2006


    Sometimes I pick up Kelvyn and Geoffrey from school and watch them awhile. We like the time with them. They're always wanting to play with Ivy so she has some fans. :) Today they said, "Aunt Jenny, can you take us somewhere fun?". I said, "What's more fun than coming to my house? There is everything to play with there! Video games, a drumset, Legos, the whole GI Joe collection, toys galore, and a fun and annoying little cousin Kyle that will constantly pull on your shirt and kick you under the table when I'm not looking." Hee, hee...

    Kid's Club

    I've been taking my boys on and off to the kids club for 5 years. It's a great way to meet other moms and get the kids out for an hour of fun. They always give gift certicates out afterwards. Persephone is really good with kids and she travels around the state. Chaz went on the stage playing a cow while they say the "Old McDonald" song. He danced and danced but Ryan cried when I tried to have him go with Chaz. Ryan just played with Ivy.

    Shots today

    Ivy had her 6 months check up today. She's really 7 months but I got behind with such a busy schedule. Anyhow, she had 3 shots and was not happy about it! I told the doctor, "you must have the nurse give shots so that the kids don't hate you". He smiled and said, "I'm not dumb!" :) Anyhow, she weighs 16 lbs now so she's in the 33 percentile. But she's right on for her length. She's just a little girl!

    Sunday, March 05, 2006

    Charles and Virginia 1998

    One of the best days of my life. Marrying my best friend and love. Charles is truly a gift to my life.

    Happy Anniversary

    HAPPY 11th ANNIVERSARY TO MY SISTER JODEE AND MY BROTHER-IN-LAW DAN (March 5)!!! I'm sure their anniversary day was spent being tired since they are trying to adjust to the new time zone in South Africa. I hope you still had a wonderful anniversary. Love Jen.

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    Daddy time

    Daddy cuddling his little girl after church. Charles play drums for the song service and he just got back. I couldn't go to church again because I had the 24 hour flu bug. It passed through the family but I think all is good now. It seems like something keeps going around to where I can't go to church but I think it's safe now. I sure miss going.

    I Thank God for My Blessings

    I'm lovin' my Ivy Joy. She is my pride and joy. My little girl. I had three wonderfully cute boys and then my surprise followed. It was a wonderful surprise. Being a mom is a blessing. Children are a gift from God. I thank God for my friends and family. For my best friend Brianne. For my husband, Charles, who is the love of my life.

    Saturday, March 04, 2006

    Welcome to our Family Site!

    I've always loved to have journals so I thought I'd have a way to share mine. I have to figure it out a little but I'm happy to share it with you. Be patient as I learn.

    Virginia (Jenny)Revoir

    Friday, March 03, 2006

    Future Home

    It seems like I've been waiting forever to own a home. It's not that I couldn't, I just didn't have that desire. When we finally decided to, we discovered what a credit report was. We paid off all of our debt in a years time and then applied for a new home because I didn't want a fixer upper.
    It's a 4 bedroom with two baths. I know it's totally God. Just keep praying that the final approval will go through. They'll start building this model in two weeks. I just want to be settled so badly. More importantly, it's nice to be out of debt. Lorraine Holguin has been my angel and is a wonderful person to do business with.