Friday, March 10, 2006

My Husband, Charles

Thank you, God, for my awesome husband! Only You knew he was the perfect match for me! We both realize how good of a balance we are for each other. We both love camping, hiking, playing sports, board games, shopping, and so much more. We have the same views. We both love politics. I'm glad God did the choosing because if I had tried to pick my own, it could have been a disaster. I prayed that God would show me whether or not Charles and I were meant to be together. I felt so strongly in my heart that this is who God had for me. God will show you! I had dated someone for 4 years previously and I had checked feelings about it that this is not who God had for me. Thank goodness I married Charles. God knows the heart of people way more than we could know. Go to God in your decisions! He sees things that we don't see. We see what they want you to see. I thank God He gave me my Charles.

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