Thursday, March 23, 2006

Our Scare of the Day

Oh man, the trials of life! After my Homemakers class today, I headed to my sister Tammy's house to drop my son off. She invited us inside. As her and I were talking. I heard a "thud". I heard all the boys yelling that Kyle (my 2 year old) landed on his head from the top of the bunk bed. Oh my gosh! I went in the room and Kyle was just laying there. I held him and it was like holding a raggety anne doll. He was so limp. I couldn't get him to stand, lift his head or arms. I was so scared. I realized then that he had a small gash in his head and his tongue was bleeding. Tammy said, "Do you want me to call 911?!". I said instead I will drive down the street to the ER. My kids stayed with Tammy. I talked to him the whole way there, left my car with the valet and rushed in the ER checkin. I still had to carry him. Right away they took him in and gave him a cat scan. He just laid there as they put cotton swabs in the little whole of his head. They said normally kids would be screaming. I found out that he only needed 2 stitches but no swelling of the brain. Kyle did have a minor head injury and I do have to bring him right away to the doctors office tomorrow. Ironically, I have 2 other appointment at different places so the day will be full. The days have been more than full since Chaz (my 5 year old) has seen every doctor I could imagine in the last weeks. Tomorrow, and the following weeks, I have more tests for Chaz. I think Kyle will be okay. It took a few hours but he finally started playing and being himself again. I thank God because it could have been so much worse! He had fallen from the top of a bunk bed, completely upside down, straight onto his head. I thank God it was only minor injuries. I loved the valet parking at Thunderbird! It was nice to just pull up, take my son out and have them park the car. That was a blessing. Usually I am extremely picky about which hospital I go to (Scottsdale on Shea) but Thunderbird really surprised me about how wonderful they were and fast. If God gave us children then He will also give us the strength to raise them. In good times and in bad. Even the scary. : )

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