Monday, March 27, 2006

Day at the Spa

Saturday was a great day my best friend Brianne and I had been planning for a month. She picked me up around 11am to drive out to Surprise. Her mom runs a spa there. So, it was quite a drive! When we got there, we went into seperate rooms and had our one hour full body massage. It was great!!! The lady who worked with me was named Asia. I love her name because if we have another girl, it's Charles' turn to name her, so we'd name her Asia Desiree. No, I'm not pregnant right now. Anyhow, after the massages we headed to a "Weekenders" party at her mom's house. We're figuring we're gonna sit down and relax for this one because they sell clothes but more for older people. When we get there, just as we walk in they tell us they had been waiting for us. Brianne and I are to model the clothes. Aaghh! We were both saying, "this is not our style!" So we changed into the clothes and came out. Turns out, I love the clothes and we had a great time. Leatha is Brianne's mom. She is a wonderful person and is very giving. I loved the retirement community that we went to. We're gonna go back and swim there. Guys, if you're worried about not wanting to see bikini women, this is the place to go! Vice versa. No young guys in funky Speedos! LOL! Even in the weight room from what I saw. It was a beautiful place. I loved sitting in the rooms after the massage in our robes and sipping hot tea. The thing I loved the most was the ice water. I knew something tasted different when I took a drink. I looked inside of the pitcher and saw slices of lemons AND oranges. It was really good. It was a great day. :)

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