Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Calling Jodee in South Africa

It took me forever yesterday to figure out how to call my sister in Cape Town, South Africa. My gosh. I tried every number possible but I wasn't getting through. I used to work at a software company where I called internationally all the time. But for the life of me I couldn't remember. Finally, after an hour, I wrote Pastor Zeable in another part of South Africa and he got me the right number. By the time I got a hold of Jodee (at my time 2pm), it was 11pm for them and they were heading to bed. I asked her how it's been going finding a place to live but she said that they've looked and looked. Everything is just so expensive. I also asked her how it went trying to get used to the new time zone. She said after the plane landed, the next day was their anniversary and they forgot because they were so tired. I can understand! It was good to hear my sister's voice. I'll be calling often now that I know how to get through! : ) I can't wait to fly up and see her. My mom and dad are gonna go in September.

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