Monday, January 29, 2007

Online Budget Plan

I found this amazing site that tells you how to put all your expenses in brackets set by percentages. It tells you to input your income, how much you pay in tithes (should be 10% to God), then what you pay in taxes. What you have AFTER that, they separate. I was shocked at how much money I really had. It's good to have savings, retirement, clothing expenses, investments, etc., then to have all your bills taken care of. What a wonderful site! See, we've always done a budget, but never have we had an actual guide that tells us what we should be paying. For example, how much I can afford in a mortgage. It's encouraging to know I can afford my house because the amount it gives me matches. If I go over that, then I know I am raising my standard of living too high. This helped us greatly and I would like to share it with you.

The main site is Crown Financial Ministries but here are some direct links.

Online Spending Plan
How much does mom really make?
(This tells you how much you really benefit from working outside the home rather than staying at home.)
Credit Card interest
(What you end up paying in the end after interest)
Mortgage Prepayment Calculator
(How much you can save just buy paying a little more each month on your mortgage. You'd be surprised!)

Friday, January 26, 2007

Great Bed!

This is such a great bed we found! Notice that it has two twin beds on top and a full size futon on the bottom. You still have room to place a dresser underneath it! You see Chaz sitting next to the dresser that fits underneath it. I just love this so much we put it on layaway. Our boys have so much room there would be room to spare. In fact, if you didn't need that many beds, you could always just leave the futon out and it'd be like a loft bed but one that fits more kids. Then you'd have all the space left in the room for other things. I really love this invention. Someone deserves a medal of honor. :)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Room Ideas

I really like these shelves and I would like to do the same thing in the play room because it's a great way to shelf the toys. They don't have to dig through a bin of toys and you can easily see what it available. I love this. But it'd have to be painted.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Chuck E. Cheese with Grandparents

Video will be ready soon.

We spent the day on Saturday with the kid's grandparents at Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday. Boy was it busy there because of birthdays!! We had a lot of fun and the kids got to hang out with Charles' parents. It was a fun day out! :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Farewell Stephen

Farewell Stephen. Thank you for everything you did for our freedom. I have this memory of your mom babysitting me and we're in McDonalds. I remember asking her for a Happy Meal and we were real young. I was 6 years older than you but we all had the same friends that we grew up with in church. I love the little picture in the nursery of you (boy in red on bottom row), Veronica, Hope, Isaiah, Jacob, David... The nursery where we grew up. I remember the toys and rolling around in the little football toy chest. You grew up and became our hero, Stephen. Thank you. I can't wait to see you again in Heaven. (pic of band is Stephen on guitar playing in his Christian band.) -Virginia (Jenny)

*Memorial page
*ABC News
*Daily Courier (Prescott, Az)
*Arizona Republic

Friday, January 12, 2007

Fire destroys house...not memories

*To view damage from fire, view slideshow here. Make sure to see comments under pictures.

My mother-in-law called me yesterday morning telling me that the house burned down that they had lived in for years. In fact, that is where Charles first met Dan (my brother-in-law) who came and witnessed to him. Charles came to church and got saved. Later, Jodee introduced me to Charles and I began to realize how truly different Charles really was from other guys. Unfortunately it took me a year to really see because I had closed my mind to the idea of meeting anyone for so long. Charles befriended me and we were friends for a year before we dated. Once I had realized who I had, I was excited about possibly spending my future with him. I remember for a couple of weeks driving here to meet Charles in the morning and take him to work since his car was broken down and getting fixed. Once the car was fixed I was sad I couldn't come so I kept driving him anyway after that! I remember meeting Melanie once in the front of the house and asking her if she wanted to come with me to get an ice cream or something at the mall. We hung out there for awhile. I have a sweet memory of me trying to go see Charles here, but when Charles' mom told me he was at school, she offered me a drink and showed me his baby pictures. I remember at the top of the hill he lived on is where Charles gave me my promise ring. I remember how I met Desiree for the first time at his birthday party and I didn't know that was his sister because she looked so different from Melanie and Charles! I remember how broken I was thinking we were to be separated from each other again until Charles proposed to me at the Hyatt with the view of the city behind us. I remember how nice Martin was and thinking how lucky I was gonna be to have him for a father-in-law. I remember how when I came back from our honeymoon, the living room floor was just covered with presents from everyone in the family. There was $1000 of money and some gifts to help us on our new adventure. I remember how sick I was in that little room on the side that was Charles' and how Charles set his alarm hourly just to check on me and how his family watched out for me. I remember how excited I was to move into our own little place and how excited Melanie was to move into the bigger room!

Charles' family didn't have a lot of money growing up but they loved each other and they were close-nit. They held family traditions and stood by each others side. No amount of money could buy that. When I fell in love with Charles, I quickly learned to love his family also. The fire may have destroyed the house, but it can't take the memories.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Powerful Message

Note: Be sure to pause music in Sidebar

Powerful Message

The Good Test Part 1
(This is an excellent way to understand the Ten Commandments. A lot of times we feel we are good enough on our own to stand before God but this video helps us to see where Christ comes in and how much we need Him!)

The Good Test Part 2

Happy Birthday, Jodee!

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Happy Birthday to my oldest sister Jodee. Here is a picture of her holding my daughter almost a year ago. Jodee is in South Africa with her husband and four children. You can see her website here! Hope you had fun with the girls on your birthday, Jodee!

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Ivy's Tantrum

My gosh. This is so funny. I was just practicing some piano and Ivy came up and wanted to play too. You have to understand that she is very tired here and is more emotional than usual. Charles, the boys, and I, keep cracking up over this clip. It's hilarious! (Make sure you pause music on side first.)

Thursday Thirteen #18

Thirteen Things I would like to do differently this year.

1. Read to my kids more! I just started reading 3 books a night to my kids and I know it's not only good for them but it's also a good time together.

2. More dinner parties. You have to know that I love parties. Not the ungodly kind of course! But the fellowships. I have parties now but once I get in my house I can have them more often. I absolutely love having people come and relax at my house.

3. More devotion to God. Knowing Him. Not just learning about Him.

4. More organization! I always feel like I have too much. Simpler is better.

5. Be more forgiving. Yes, I've had friends betray me, but I've learned to forgive. Otherwise, I've seen that people slowly just become more bitter over time. I want to have smile wrinkles, not angry ones! :D

6. Would love to do more baking. I haven't really enjoyed being in a little place and I can't wait to have a kitchen I can move in.

7. Lose 7 lbs so I can be where I was in weight before I had children!

8. Have longer hair! Why is my hair taking so long to get past my waist? Arrgh!

9. Reread my James Dobson books. "Bringing up Boys", and "The Strongwilled Child". These books are amazing and have helped me a lot.

10. Get 2 dogs, a couple of birds, and some dwarf frogs! I have a cat already. I love animals.

11. Hugs my kids more!

12. Offer more training with my kids. They love to do things with me. It makes me sad to see when parents always treat their kids like they are always in the way. We complain about not spending enough time with them but we forget that we are easily missing the little moments we get all day in the smallest of tasks.

13. Love Charles more and more each and every day! God knew who was truly meant for me! Although I am a Christian, I know my personal actions every day form the rest of our lives together and that's not to be taken lightly.

Happy Thursday Thirteen!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ivy Flashback

This video was taken a year ago! I can't believe how much Ivy has changed.

House Update

House is supposed to be ready soon but the loan stuff isn't ready. Right now they are laying all the tile we bought and putting in our countertops. This week they are also pouring the concrete for our driveway and putting in the landscaping. Anyhoo, that's the update!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Boot Camp Memories

Actually, I really treasure this picture because when my pastor told us we would have a guest speaker that morning, I did not know it was my former Drill Instructor when I went to a boot camp in New Mexico. At first he didn't recognize me until my mom reminded him of the name "Goldilocks" that all the drill instructors used to call me. Right then, he remembered even though I hadn't seen him for several years. Actually, this pic is like a year old (I just had a baby, that's why my face is so pudgy) but it brought me some good memories. And some harsh ones too! Like the times in the mud pit. And all the bloody pushups! LOL!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Martin and Maureen!

Happy Birthday you to my father & mother-in-law! We all went to Arriba's and had a good time while my sister Tammy and my friend Lola watched my kids. It was weird to actually get out by ourselves. At one point I turned around in the van because I thought I heard a baby cry. LOl! Anyhow, I missed my kids and was glad to be with them again. :)

Friday, January 05, 2007

School Break

This is a picture of my nephews and my boys playing on top of Ivy's playhouse. They've been coming over to play and the boys love it. I told Tammy to have her boys come over during school break so I'm glad they had a chance twice. They are good kids. :)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #17

Thirteen Things about Battle strategies "husbands entry"

(Virginis's Note:
Ha! This is funny! I told my husband to write a thursday thirteen for me if he'd like to and he did. Of all things, he picked 13 ways to kick your husband's butt at games. Here's 13 stategies he gives you in easy terms.)

1. Flanking. This is a great maneuver that takes the enemy by surprise from the side. Ahh look to the side guys, here they come!

2. Rear assault. This is pretty obvious, see above and and the rear. Ahh turn around guys!

3. Outgunning. this where you have more powerful weapons! yeah! BAMM!

4. Snipers. These are special units that take down at a considerable distance. Where did that come from?

5. Blitz. This is a wonderful tactic the Germans practiced. Combined soldier, tank, airplane attack on one target at the same time. Yow! The enemy is everywhere!

6. Sneak attack. Pretty obvious. Works great, element of surprise!

7. Overwhelm. Keep coming even if your losing lots of troopers. Just keep em coming! Never ending waves of troops tear down the enemy (beach landings).

8. Fained retreat. Your army retreats during battle with a nice surprise on the other side of the hill to destroy the opponents army! Great against the arrogant!

9. Right flank. Where your army attacks forward while a powerful force attacks from the right. Creates crossfire (opponent attacked from two sides simultaneously).

10. Sabotage. This is where army rangers and other specialist troops do their job. Get behind enemy lines and attack key points or supply lines.

11. Bombardment. Where you opponent is pounded by bombs, artillery, etc. prior to attacking. "Awe man now we have to fight? We were just beat up and need to get patched up."

12. Propaganda. Spread discouraging information and word among your enemy. A discouraged enemy is not as effective. "Awe man I was told I'm a wimp, I suck, I'm wrong and that I might as well give up, maybe I should?

13. Defense. My favorite. Build up your force and defenses. Once you've built up you can attack without being open to complete loss if your battle fails.

*husbands entry (HA HA HA!) Now you know some basics to win a strategy game! Go beat your husbands!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

An old picture of my aunt alyson on my mom's shoulders.