Friday, January 12, 2007

Fire destroys house...not memories

*To view damage from fire, view slideshow here. Make sure to see comments under pictures.

My mother-in-law called me yesterday morning telling me that the house burned down that they had lived in for years. In fact, that is where Charles first met Dan (my brother-in-law) who came and witnessed to him. Charles came to church and got saved. Later, Jodee introduced me to Charles and I began to realize how truly different Charles really was from other guys. Unfortunately it took me a year to really see because I had closed my mind to the idea of meeting anyone for so long. Charles befriended me and we were friends for a year before we dated. Once I had realized who I had, I was excited about possibly spending my future with him. I remember for a couple of weeks driving here to meet Charles in the morning and take him to work since his car was broken down and getting fixed. Once the car was fixed I was sad I couldn't come so I kept driving him anyway after that! I remember meeting Melanie once in the front of the house and asking her if she wanted to come with me to get an ice cream or something at the mall. We hung out there for awhile. I have a sweet memory of me trying to go see Charles here, but when Charles' mom told me he was at school, she offered me a drink and showed me his baby pictures. I remember at the top of the hill he lived on is where Charles gave me my promise ring. I remember how I met Desiree for the first time at his birthday party and I didn't know that was his sister because she looked so different from Melanie and Charles! I remember how broken I was thinking we were to be separated from each other again until Charles proposed to me at the Hyatt with the view of the city behind us. I remember how nice Martin was and thinking how lucky I was gonna be to have him for a father-in-law. I remember how when I came back from our honeymoon, the living room floor was just covered with presents from everyone in the family. There was $1000 of money and some gifts to help us on our new adventure. I remember how sick I was in that little room on the side that was Charles' and how Charles set his alarm hourly just to check on me and how his family watched out for me. I remember how excited I was to move into our own little place and how excited Melanie was to move into the bigger room!

Charles' family didn't have a lot of money growing up but they loved each other and they were close-nit. They held family traditions and stood by each others side. No amount of money could buy that. When I fell in love with Charles, I quickly learned to love his family also. The fire may have destroyed the house, but it can't take the memories.

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