Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #17

Thirteen Things about Battle strategies "husbands entry"

(Virginis's Note:
Ha! This is funny! I told my husband to write a thursday thirteen for me if he'd like to and he did. Of all things, he picked 13 ways to kick your husband's butt at games. Here's 13 stategies he gives you in easy terms.)

1. Flanking. This is a great maneuver that takes the enemy by surprise from the side. Ahh look to the side guys, here they come!

2. Rear assault. This is pretty obvious, see above and and the rear. Ahh turn around guys!

3. Outgunning. this where you have more powerful weapons! yeah! BAMM!

4. Snipers. These are special units that take down at a considerable distance. Where did that come from?

5. Blitz. This is a wonderful tactic the Germans practiced. Combined soldier, tank, airplane attack on one target at the same time. Yow! The enemy is everywhere!

6. Sneak attack. Pretty obvious. Works great, element of surprise!

7. Overwhelm. Keep coming even if your losing lots of troopers. Just keep em coming! Never ending waves of troops tear down the enemy (beach landings).

8. Fained retreat. Your army retreats during battle with a nice surprise on the other side of the hill to destroy the opponents army! Great against the arrogant!

9. Right flank. Where your army attacks forward while a powerful force attacks from the right. Creates crossfire (opponent attacked from two sides simultaneously).

10. Sabotage. This is where army rangers and other specialist troops do their job. Get behind enemy lines and attack key points or supply lines.

11. Bombardment. Where you opponent is pounded by bombs, artillery, etc. prior to attacking. "Awe man now we have to fight? We were just beat up and need to get patched up."

12. Propaganda. Spread discouraging information and word among your enemy. A discouraged enemy is not as effective. "Awe man I was told I'm a wimp, I suck, I'm wrong and that I might as well give up, maybe I should?

13. Defense. My favorite. Build up your force and defenses. Once you've built up you can attack without being open to complete loss if your battle fails.

*husbands entry (HA HA HA!) Now you know some basics to win a strategy game! Go beat your husbands!


Raggedy said...

looks like he had fun.
Have a great Thursday!

marianne said...

lol, cute - some great metaphors for life in them - he's giving away a lot of secrets! :D