Monday, January 29, 2007

Online Budget Plan

I found this amazing site that tells you how to put all your expenses in brackets set by percentages. It tells you to input your income, how much you pay in tithes (should be 10% to God), then what you pay in taxes. What you have AFTER that, they separate. I was shocked at how much money I really had. It's good to have savings, retirement, clothing expenses, investments, etc., then to have all your bills taken care of. What a wonderful site! See, we've always done a budget, but never have we had an actual guide that tells us what we should be paying. For example, how much I can afford in a mortgage. It's encouraging to know I can afford my house because the amount it gives me matches. If I go over that, then I know I am raising my standard of living too high. This helped us greatly and I would like to share it with you.

The main site is Crown Financial Ministries but here are some direct links.

Online Spending Plan
How much does mom really make?
(This tells you how much you really benefit from working outside the home rather than staying at home.)
Credit Card interest
(What you end up paying in the end after interest)
Mortgage Prepayment Calculator
(How much you can save just buy paying a little more each month on your mortgage. You'd be surprised!)

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