Thursday, May 31, 2012

Finding Summer Fun Anywhere We Can

 The other day we bought sparklers and lit them in the backyard.  We would put our sparklers together in a group and see who's would light first with a match.  Everything always has to be a competition around here.  Heh heh....
 The other day we tried to go to the zoo but it was soooo packed!  This was last Saturday.  There was absolutely NO parking and there were cars everywhere trying to get a spot.  Why would we stay and try to find one?  We have a zoo membership and can go any day so we left and looked for another place to hang out at.  We tried a really fun splash pad but they were also packed out.  
Eventually we just went to a fun park that had a beautiful lake.  We parked the van and had the kids play in the playground.  Just so happens a church was having a picnic and they were playing Christian music really loud.  They invited the kids to play on the bounce house the little ones were happy to go.  However, I put a stop to my older ones jumping on it because I don't think it's nice to have my big boys jumping with a bunch of little kids.  

Caleb found some toy sand trucks and basically he was unavailable to talk to for an hour.  He was in his own little world!  You know Caleb... he's all about cars, cars, cars.  

Then we went to feed the ducks and their was a momma duck and her duckling!  Soooo cute.  Of course the worry wart I am I said next time we walk at a lake we are putting floaties on Caleb.  It might look odd being that its a non-swimming lake but still... if he fell in he would just float.  

This is my girl Ivy watching the ducks (you can't really see in picture).  We still had fun and even managed to go to the zoo a few days later.  It was waaaaay less packed and we got to have fun in the water caves. Juliet is only 2 weeks old but we are still having fun being adventurous and visiting fun places.  She doesn't slow us down at all... just adds to the fun.  :D

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Gift of Memories

Saturday was my dad's birthday.  Do you like the huge candle?  Heh heh.... My dad is awesome.  He's taught me so much.  He's taught me that Christianity is not about rules, about perfection.  It's not about how many doors you knock on or how many services you attend.  He taught me that no matter what you never quit.  No matter what battles you face or obstacles get in your way, you keep going, keep serving God.  My mom and dad have been Christians since before I was born and I'm soooooo very blessed to have their exampleship in my life.

My dad in his dad's arms
For my dad's birthday I think he got the very best gift he could have been given.  A gift of memories from a family friend.  My dad lost his mom to cancer when she was only 22.  My dad was only two years old at the time.  Two years later his dad was shot and killed in the room right next to my dad and he had to see his dad carried out.  My dad was only four years old by the time he lost both of his parents.  I can't imagine what it'd be like to be only FOUR and have that trauma in your life.  No parents.  These are parents that loved him very, very much but were lost to tragedy.  

My dad's parents
Well, for his birthday some friends came over that knew his parents.  In fact, the lady that came not only knew his parents but would babysit my dad and his brother sometimes when his parents were alive.  She remembers so much about his parents and was able to give the gift of memories to my dad.  Everything she could remember about his parents she told him.  So many stories, some funny, some sad, she told him.  Three hours later and my dad and them were still talking about their memories.  My dad learned so much about his parents he still hadn't known.  What a blessing for him.  He also got to play guitar and hang out with another guitarist friend. It was a good day.  :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Stress and Fun

Life has been good!  It has its ups and downs.  Right now, my husband just finished his last day of work and is currently looking for work.  Yikes!  Yep, that means NO PAY.  You bet I am nervous.  Everyday him and I are looking for work together.  I'm not looking for myself, just helping him.  His field of work is soooooo slow that everywhere he calls they aren't hiring.  So now we are looking outside of his field (which is Engineering).  He said he so wishes he had gone to school to be a programmer instead because they are doing better right now.  We even discussed him going back to school so he can work in that field.  We will see.  It would be really hard for awhile but in the long run it could provide more stability when the economy goes down like this.  Goodness, I hope we can find work and soon.  Please pray!

Life has been good in the sense that my kids are healthy and we are adoring Juliet!  With my last baby our crib broke when Ryan crawled in to read a book to Caleb.  He had been doing that for awhile but as he got bigger, the crib finally gave way.  Now he knows, no more crawling into the crib to read with little ones.  LOL.  Juliet has a gorgeous new crib and we decided to set it up in our bedroom.  We don't want any little ones crawling in so we figured it's safer for her first year.  After she turns a year we'll move her in with her big sisters.  They are excited and that also means they'll get the bigger bedroom that is now the playroom.  

Yesterday we took the kids to the mall and Charles was so proud to walk with us.  He's usually shy and doesn't like people staring at us.  He's finally starting to not care and just enjoy our time out.  People will stare when you are a larger family and we just have to get used to it.  I could help but chuckle when I was coming back from getting a coffee and I saw Charles and the kids heading towards me.  They looked like this large group laughing and chatting.  I was like, "whoa, that's a big family."  Soooooo cute.  Even recently Charles has been telling people who comment on his family size that he loves all his kids and enjoys every single one of them.  He said he couldn't imagine life without any of them.  That makes me smile because for awhile there he had a hard time with people's rude comments.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First Doctors Appointment and Achy Body After Baby

Took pic on cell while waiting in doctors office
for Juliet's first appointment
Yesterday was Juliet's first doctors appointment and I really wanted to get her there to make sure she got her weight back up.  She was 6lbs 12oz when she was born but at the hospital went down to 6lbs 7oz even though I was feeding her on the hour.  At her appointment yesterday she was an even 7lbs at only six days old. That was a relief to me.  While we were waiting I was taking some cute pictures from my cell phone.

Whyyyyyy is it that when you make an appointment for a certain time they end up seeing you way later? I walk into the office and it's an adorable waiting room.  I like to always take a couple kids with me when I run errands so I had my girls with me.  The waiting room had cartoons playing and fun toys.  The girls only played for 5 minutes when they called us back to the room.  I was surprised at how quick there were but they left us in the empty and boring room for almost an hour.  No joke.  Why couldn't they have just let us stay in the front for awhile so we could be more comfortable and the girls could play?  I'll never understand that.

Last night there was a baby shower and since I had already gotten a gift for the mom and baby several weeks ago, I thought it'd be nice to get out of the house too.  My friend Michele met me there and she got to hold Juliet for the first time.  When I got home from the hospital Michele was really sick and couldn't get near her.  She was happy to finally get a chance.  Yesterday Juliet was 6 days old and the ladies were surprised we were out and about.  It truly, truly, truly is hard to just stay in bed.  I had her last Wednesday and we got out midday Friday.  I went home and slept through the rest of Friday and all of Saturday.  That was enough rest and the thought of staying in bed another day was just too much.  I missed my kids and they were sad.  They all kept asking when mommy was better and said they missed their baby sister so bad.  Sunday evening we got to go to church and although I spent most of the sermon time in the nursing room, it was so good to be there.  I am a leaky vessel and really wanted to be in God's house.  After all, all these gifts are from Him and I need all the strength and encouragement I can get.  11 years ago I begged for them to put a monitor in the nursing room so we could hear the sermons and they put one shortly after.  :D  It helps knowing even if I have to stay downstairs and nurse, we can all still hear the sermon.  
When I got home from the baby shower last night I couldn't believe how messy the house got from just the time I was away.  Wow!  I was kinda sad since I had worked 8 hours the day before to get the house back into shape.  My body was sore and I didn't want another repeat of that.  Instead of picking it all up myself I grabbed the broom and swept it all in a pile in the middle of the room.  It had been scattered everywhere.  I left it in a pile for the kids to pick up in the morning.  I've learned they need to be responsible for their stuff rather than me rescuing them all the time from putting it away themselves.  Then I cleaned the kitchen and finally got to bed around 1:30am.  It felt good to lay my tired and sore body in bed.  The achiness is from just having a baby and I keep forgetting to take my pain meds.  They gave me Percocet and it keeps me awake at night so I won't take it.  Instead, I'm just sticking with Motrin.  I can tell the difference in my body having babies in my thirties than when I was in my twenties.  Those after birth cramps used to be sooooo powerful and painful yet they would put my tummy back almost right away.  This time they were extremely mild which means it's probably gonna take longer. Phooey.  Oh well, Juliet is worth it.  :)
By the way, my husband came home from work today and had presents for Juliet!  A lady from his job got her several outfits and we were both so surprised!  Today is their last day so I don't have a chance to send something back in to thank them.  It truly was a blessing!

Girl Pirate Costume Review

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The costumes from are not only affordable but there are some really great finds!  This is the cutest girl costume I have found and Ivy will love wearing it for Halloween and/or just for fun.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Juliet's Birth Story

What a great experience Juliet's delivery was and even a funny story.  My friend Michele and I headed to my doctor's appointment Wednesday morning at 10am to have the balloon inserted.  I had four ladies in there and after they inserted it they said it might take a full day to work and even over night.  I had doubted it would take that long since last time it worked within just a few hours while walking around the mall.  The balloon was to help me dilate so I had my friend drive for me in case it decide to work right away.  Within minutes I started to have contractions but they were mild and I had maybe a handful of them.  We stopped to get something to eat for about 20 minutes but I ate very little as I was soooo nervous knowing what's about to come.  When I got home I went to the restroom right away and thought something seemed odd so I checked.  My balloon fell out!  Ummmmm... I literally just walked in the door from my appointment and it had already fell out?  It must've been put in wrong or something.  It only falls out when you are dilated to a 4 or 5 and I was barely dilated to a 1 when they started.  The doctor told me to not walk around anywhere but come straight back to the doctor's office.  Michele was there to take care of the kids and so Charles took me back since we knew we'd be going to the hospital right after.

I walked inside and the ladies at the front desk just stared at me with their mouths open.  One finally said, "That was fast!"  I know, I had just left!  The doctor checked and sure enough I was dilated to almost a 5 and was in NO PAIN whatsoever.  In fact, I had only had a handful of contractions and they sure were mild.  She knew I wasn't in any pain but she said I needed to go into the hospital right away.  However, since I was not complaining of any pains she asked me to fake it a little that the contractions were intense so I wouldn't be sent home.  Fake it?  Heh heh.... this was gonna be fun.

Charles and I walked into the hospital hand in hand and I was trying not to be too happy.  My husband thought that was gonna be impossible for me as I'm usually smiling and talking with everyone.  Sure enough when they called me back and asked me how I was doing, I quickly responded... "Good!  Um....well... under the circumstances."  I almost forgot I wasn't supposed to be so cheery.  The nurse hooked me up to the monitors and put a blood pressure on my arm.  I started to breathe heavy so she asked, "What?  Are you having a contraction?"  I responded, "No, the blood pressure band was too tight."  Charles was dying in the corner trying to not laugh.  Since she walked out for awhile, Charles and I were able to joke and talk together for awhile before having to act serious again.  They checked me again and I was dilated to a 5 and although the small contractions were painless, they admitted me and I was moved to the delivery room.  Whoa!  Things are moving and we were so nervous and excited.

When I dilated to a 6 I asked if they could just break my water since my water never, ever breaks on it's own.  My doctor right away did it knowing that sure was the truth!  Last time when they broke my water it hurt so bad she had to chase me up the table.  Over time my cervix has gotten so sensitive and it's extremely painful whenever they'd check me or break my water.  I asked for an epidural even though I was having no pain at a 6 so they went ahead and set it up.  I'm terrified of the epidural needle but I couldn't really complain since it was going to be a completely painless labor and delivery.

The nurse didn't hear the doctor tell her to give a little bit of Pitocin with the epidural.  She said because I've had so many babies my uterus was a bit lazy.  I guess that's why my contractions were so mild? I got to a 6 on my own but needed a little booster. After only 20 minutes of Pitocin I was ready to push.  Ohhh, I was excited!  3 pushes and she was out and we were already in love!  Wow!  It was a fantastic labor and delivery with no complications.

Juliet Desiree came May 16th on a Wednesday evening and weight 6lbs 12 oz, and 20 inches long.  The nurses kept telling me they loved her name and the funny comments were already coming in. One nurse came in and said "Don't worry little Juliet, we'll find you your Romeo."  LOL.  They kept coming in to make sure I was awake to feed her but there was no worry since I was feeding her on the hour to make sure she kept her weight up.  I've quickly (or over time) learned not to hope for deep sleep anytime soon and learn to soak up all the broken up sleep I can.  I think mommies learn to thrive off of  the short spurts they get with newborns.

I'm still in love and loving every single moment with her.  Loving every moment she is awake during the night.  I think I've just gotten way past the "I hate being woken up all night" phase and just enjoying each moment with them.  Four days after birth we got to go to church and have her first service.  We are all enjoying our time with her and she is doted on by her siblings.  What a blessing from God.  Wow!  I was nervous about welcoming our 7th child but all that fell away when we got to hold her for the first time.  Every single sacrifice we have had to make and will have to make is totally worth it.  Having kids, caring for them, and leading them to Christ is one of the hardest things we'll ever do but also one of the most enjoyable.  The selfishness of this world will never understand that but that's okay... we answer to God.  He created life.  Why should I listen to the world that constantly fights for the rights to extinguish it?

Anyhow, I loved sharing my story!  It's easy to forget all the little details over time so I like to write them down.  God bless!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Juliet Desiree is Here!

6lbs 12 oz and 20 inches. She was born yesterday on May 16th.  She is a little blessing!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Will Baby Come Today? (Childbirth)

Ivy caring for her sick dolly
Today is baby day.  I didn't sleep much last night between trying to get ready for the hospital and cramping during my sleep.  I'm not really going in yet till the balloon does it's work.  I have to be at my doctor's office this morning to get it and I am nervous!  That's partially why I couldn't sleep last night so I think I got around 3 hours.  Argh!  Of all days to get no rest.  On top of it my puppy started howling around 4am because she wanted to come inside.  I'm not doing very well at house training her so I've been having to keep her on the patio in the backyard. I finally gave up sleeping around 6:30am and just got up.  Phooey!

The reason I'm having to go in a few days early is not for any worries but because when you have a large family, it's not easy being able to get the help you need at a moments notice.  It's harder and harder to just do things spontaneously and THANKFULLY I have help all the rest of this week till Saturday.  :) 

Anyhow, I was thinking about taking a Tylenol before I go in to the doctor's but that's pointless.  It's like taking an aspirin when you've been hit by a freight train.  I don't think it's gonna do any good.  Heh, heh....

Monday, May 14, 2012

39 Weeks Pregnant and Walking Like an Old Lady

Soooo, the time is finally here.  Baby is coming and my six kids are counting down every single day that is left.  I hear them talk about it in their bedroom in whispers.  It's so cute.  Well, I will be going in for my final appointment on Wednesday and getting the balloon.  I'm super nervous since it dilates me so fast and can be pretty painful when it does it's work.  I'm not in a hurry still to have her but I have to say I'll be happy not to be throwing up and breathing in acid in the middle of the night. Last night I had to sit straight up in bed but when I would doze off I would start choking because I breathed in acid.  It hurts so bad and takes a long time to cough it out.  Then I would fall asleep again and immediately the same thing would happen.  It kept happening so many times I just finally pried my eyes open and stayed awake till my body calmed down and I could sleep.  I guess it was around 4:30am that I could fall asleep.  I'm not too freaked out about losing sleep since newborns cause mommies to lose sleep also.  :D  I'd have to say this is the first time that once I've sat down for too long or got up from sleeping, it takes about 10 minutes of walking for all the body aches to go away.  I chuckle about it because I look like a old lady trying to get up.  However, this has been a FANTASTIC pregnancy compared to all my others.  No bed rest, no being hospitalized because of kidney problems, no medications to keep baby in.  It's been WONDERFUL.  

Mother's Day:
I did absolutely no work on Mother's Day.  Just sat and smiled watching my family play!

Yesterday was a wonderful Mother's Day.  It was not expensive whatsoever.  In fact, my hubby made us lunch, cleaned up the kitchen, and did dishes.  I didn't even know he knew how to operate the dishwasher!  I'm a super traditional homemaker who never asks my husband to do any housework since he's the provider.  So believe me, when he changes a diaper or does something special like wash dishes yesterday, it gives me a HUGE smile.  He wouldn't even let me get a cup of coffee for myself yesterday.  Even though he always makes my coffee wrong, I looooove the gesture.  I just have to sneak in the kitchen and fix it the way I like when he's not looking.  Tee hee...

So on Saturday we changed our access to the internet.  No one can just go on the internet and go wherever they want.  Even though we have Safe Eyes, we still felt like we could be more protected.  Instead, we decide safe places we can go and they can only go there.  So basically everything is blocked except for a small list of places I decided are safe.  I feel a lot better about this and the kids are finding tons of places to play games.  A lot of online gaming has open chat and that's not good for kids.  Especially because half the time the chatting is foul language and who knows what else.  We don't have any video game systems in the house.  There is nothing wrong with them in of itself, it's just that it kills me to see my kids obsessed with that and doing nothing else.  Homeschool is like pulling teeth when we have the systems and they rarely play together.  I've tried soooo many times to have game systems and it just seems to mess up the unity my kids have together otherwise.  Sigh. I have to admit, I miss my Mario Brothers game.  LOL. Learning Activities-First Month Free-Click Here!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Couponing at Safeway and Grumpy Store Managers

Last night and today I was doing some major couponing again and didn't get a lot of sleep.  It ended up being around 2am when I got home but sometimes it just works out like that when you can't get out till late at night.  I've been a lot stricter about what I use my coupons on.  The item itself needs to already be on a pretty good sale before I'm willing to use a coupon for it. None of those lame 20 cents off stuff.  So I was checking out Safeway today and was shocked at some of the Friday only sales they were having.  Well, today is Friday, baby, and so I happened on a good day!  So my favorite deals I got were....

EDITED:  Deal at Safeway.  Buy 2 Classico's get 2 pasta's free.  Had coupon $1 off 2 Classico's and another coupon for $1 off 2 pastas.  Should have cost $46, only cost $2.50.  Saved 95%.

These are sooo good! I guy was giving out samples and I loved it.  Then I recognized the picture on the box and thought maybe I might have coupons for it in my book.  I did!  You can't tell in the picture but this is a large family pack.  Normally $11.50 per box, sale Friday only for $5.  Had $1 off coupons.  Should have cost $69 but only cost $24.  Saved 65%.
Another 25 boxes of cereal.  Normally $4.59 a box but on sale for $1.88.  Had $1 off coupons. Should have cost $115 but only cost $25.  Good deal!  Saved 78%.

I have to say though that the store manager at Safeway is very scary and rude to everyone.  Even to his employees.  Either he hates his job or he was a drill sergeant most of his life and still hates life.  He was NOT happy I was couponing.  Even though it's a major sale day and lots of people were there, they had only one lane open.  I'm not a MAJOR couponer where I buy in crates or anything but he made sure I knew he wasn't pleased with me.  I only needed to do two separate transactions but when he found out about it he raised his voice and told me there is no way I'm gonna do it.  He said absolutely not and in his words, "You ARE going to put this all on one transaction and just not get as good of a deal."  I was still very polite to him and said, "Okay, I'll just put some of the stuff back." He sighed really heavy and gruffly told me that this time and ONLY this time I can do two separate transactions.  I was polite to him the whole time.  I'll just be sure to not shop at the one next to my house and drive further out.  My transactions went pretty fast but they thankfully opened up another lane.  They should have done that anyway on a major sale day.

I got some other fantastic deals but these were my favorites that were bought in bulk.  I need to go back and buy some Sure deodorants for $ .50 apiece at Safeway later tonight and then do some price match shopping at Walmart.  Also, need to head to Fry's and get some free beverages and feminine items.  Anyway, trying to get shopping done before baby comes next week.  I'll be going into the doctor's in 5 days to have baby.  I'm super de-duper nervous!  Aaaaaaagh!  I'm trying not to think a lot about it and just get my stuff ready.  I need to just relax and enjoy each day that I have with my family.  New baby coming, new job for hubby (said in faith), and cars getting repaired (also said in faith).  :D  

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Insecure Mind Battle as a Mom

The chickens come to our door every morning asking for Cheerios
Apparently they like it more than chicken feed.
Luckily, I've been reading a book called A Mom Just Like You.  I need it badly right now.  I relate to some things this large family mom is talking about.  I relate to her constantly wondering if she is good enough in everything she does.  Will I ever be caught up on laundry, house work?  The homeschooling issue really hit home for me.  It's not that I completely distrust schools because I know there are some fantastic teachers out there.  However, my kids flourish 100 times more with me and do great on their state testing when they do take it.  They flourish in the way of their attitudes, love for God, not feeling negative peer pressure nonstop, and they have much more respect towards adults in general.  It IS my job to raise them up in Christ and I felt like every day that I was sending them off, I had to fight "something" every time they came back home.  It felt like I was just retraining every single day.  Am I 100% qualified to homeschool?  Well, of course not.  I'm sure I have the grammar police right now freaking out reading this.  However, I LOVE to learn with my kids.  I truly love being with them every day and never have any regrets.  Having all 6 kids home and being pregnant truly plays a factor in how easy it gets messy and I keep forgetting that.  Like they say, it's like shoveling snow while it's still snowing.  Little stinkers.  They make life so wonderfully difficult.

You know, Caleb is a HUGE fan of the Cars cartoon and insists he sees it on the iPad every day.  He knows how to maneuver through that iPad like an adult can.  Well, often he thinks he owns that iPad and apparently even takes it to bed with him. He's two.  This is how I found him napping.  It would be nice if I could have my iPad back but Apple made it so cool for kids that I literally end up having to share it with 7 other people in this house.  

You know how people say that each kid you have needs their own space?  They fret over how many rooms they have in the house.  Don't kids need their own beds and their own room?  Look, I have tried to give them their own space and no one wants it.  This is how I found the kids while checking on them in the middle of the night and this was AFTER I transferred Ivy to her room.  There are 4 kids in this picture crammed like sardines on one bed.  It is not uncommon that I'll find all six kids on the bed like that.  They just prefer to all stick together.  Yeah, you can tell they are all crying about needing more space.

I was kinda feeling guilty about always sitting down whenever I had contractions and being that I don't want to end up having this baby late I took 4 of the kids to the park.  I didn't take Caleb because there is A LOT of water around.  It was soooo pretty.  Did I get any contractions?  Nooooo.... of course not when I'm actually willing to walk around and egg them on.  Well, I tried so I will tell the doctor I did give it some brief thought and followed through... Learning Activities-First Month Free-Click Here!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

38 Weeks Pregnant and Organizing Learning Activities-First Month Free-Click Here!

Cervical Ripening Balloon
Read about it HERE
At my 38 week appointment yesterday they stripped my membranes.  I wasn't dilated but she did make me a one.  I told her I'm seriously not in a hurry to go into labor (still can't believe I'm saying that.)  I'm not having any contractions at all or even braxton hicks.  Juliet is not even in a hurry.  We knew stripping my membranes wouldn't put me in labor, it would just help my body start to get ready (which is good).  So then my doctor asked if I wanted to get the balloon again sometime next week right before my due date.  Sigh.  I really want to go on my own so I haven't really wanted to think about it.  I told her for sure I don't want to go into labor on my sister's birthday and also it would be a Monday.  I picked Thursday which is 4 days before my due date (to get the balloon).  Forget Pitocin, the balloon puts you into labor SO FAST.  I really didn't believe the doctor last time when she told me to go straight home and get ready.  Yeeeeah..... that thing works.  I was completely unprepared and started serious labor while driving.  In fact, by the time I got to the hospital I had one from a 1 cm dilated to a 5.  Anyway, I told her I would think about it.

I'm about to start a semi-big project in the house to organize a bit more than I did last time. We even took this week off from homeschooling so we could focus on it. The kids thought it meant video games all day.  Daddy quickly caught on and told the boys it's to work with mommy on organizing their areas in the house.  Thank you, daddy.  :D  I really don't want to worry about much housework when Juliet comes.  

I'm dealing with a poopy puppy and being I've never been great at house training animals, he's giving me work for sure.  Since he's my dog I have to take care of his mess.  Usually after I throw up for about 15 minutes then I'm able to handle cleaning it up.  LOL.  Well, a friend gave me some fantastic pointers yesterday on training Max (full name Maximus) so I'm implementing them today. Max is such a cuddly dog and he's worth the extra work for sure.  He favors Ivy a lot and always wants to sleep next to her.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Easy Peasy Pregnancy at 37 Weeks

Can you believe I had not even bought a pack of diapers for Juliet?  This is how we are.... "Oh, well, we are heading home from the hospital, honey, what do we need?" Then I give my husband a check list.  Well, I took the kids with me to the store today and we purchased some itsy bitsy newborn diapers (with coupons of course).  Even the pack of diapers is so little.  They were all giggling about it.  We can't wait to open it and see how small they are.  You know that I haven't stopped changing diapers since the year 2000?  Not even a one month break.  I love my babies.  I don't even want a baby shower, just send diapers!  I'm a easy mom to please.  :D  You start realizing after your first or second baby that you don't need as many things as you THINK.  

I'm still enjoying being pregnant.  Can you believe I'm saying that at almost 38 weeks pregnant? I'm in no hurry and still loving her inside my tummy with all the beautiful movements.  Now, it was quite different with some of my other kids when they would kick so hard it was truly painful.  It was hard to sleep, eat, or even just sit in a chair.  Juliet is so mellow, all the girls were, that it's no problem.  Lovin' my belly right now and not even my legs hurt.  This is been by far the most pleasant and easy pregnancy.  My seventh one, go figure.

I needed to go more couponing last night so I went with my kids.  They are quickly learning that mommy almost always only puts things in the cart that she has coupons for.  Every now and then of course I have to buy something I wasn't thinking in advance about.  That's when I'll pull out my smartphone and see if I can find coupons through an app that can be loaded onto my store card.  Then when they scan my store card, it automatically comes off.  

I bought 5 Snuggles fabric softeners, 1 relish, 19 Palmolive dish soaps, 1 Pampers wipes, 5 Kool-Aid mixes, and a tupperware set I desperately needed.  Should have cost $100 but only cost me $19!  That's an 80% savings so I'm happy with it. I think I should have done better but I needed this stuff and didn't want to wait longer.