Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Busy Life of Large Family Mamas

What happens when you have a mom of six that is nine months (37 weeks) pregnant to boot?  You have one busy mommy!  Between attacking the never ending laundry pile, homeschooling, and always finding ways to save money on things I need, there is not a whole lot of free time.  I'm not complaining because I'm one happy mama.  The craziness of my life brings me joy.  Odd as that might seem, my paycheck doesn't come from a company.  Being with my kids every single day of the year is the biggest payday I could ever have.  Time is so short with them I'm afraid to blink.

My latest challenge is a barrage of insults of people whether in real life or online that absolutely can't stand me because I am having yet ANOTHER kid.  The personal emails I get would shock you for how evil they can be.  Or when I get cornered (literally in a corner) with someone telling me why they think I'm having this many kids.  I just nod and say "surrrrre, THAT'S why."  The more kids I have the more enemies I didn't think was possible to make.  Well, it is possible.  So, if you are not Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, or a large family mama, you are safe.  

Want to know my latest (almost) freebies?  I got 6 Dawn dish washing soaps, 5 tooth pastes, 5 tooth brushes, 8 whole grain Barilla pastas, 3 dill relish, and one pack of Pepsi Next for a total of $3.  Whee!

Michele and I being goofy!
As I was picking up the Dawn liquid soap, a guy pointed out to me that the news had talked about the blue ones yous see in the picture.  They are safe and fantastic to wash your dog with because they kill fleas and ticks.  So, I set those 3 aside for my husband to use on our dogs.  :D  He was happy about that.  I bought some other groceries and saved about 70% off my bill.  :D  I love saving money for my family and my best friend and I really enjoy couponing and shopping together when we get a chance.  

I've been wanting a little dog for quite awhile but haven't had a chance. The last one I had died from injuries and I then dog sat a friend's dog for 5 months in another instance.  I was still waiting for my little dog and finally got the chance.  My kids are major animal lovers too and we are thinking next we might want a pygmy goat.  I might wait for better weather though before getting a goat.  Caleb carries around that chicken like it's his teddy bear.  The chicken doesn't even mind and even follows us around.  Another PLUS is we finally started letting our chickens walk around the yard wherever they want. We always worried that our big dog would kill them but he doesn't even care about then.  I hated having the chickens on the far side of the house where we couldn't see them. Now they just follow us around the yard or the kids while they are playing.

BY THE WAY, come visit my gorgeous niece Hanna's new poetry blog.  She's not just any girl, she was the first to make me an aunt, she just came back from missionary work in South Africa with her family.  She would love for you to pay a visit to her blog and leave a comment.  :)  


Karen said...

You have a beautiful family...and I can't wait to "meet" Juliet!

Hanna Banana said...

hey thank you so much,Aunt Jenny!

Unknown said...

I cannot believe that people give you a hard time about having children for goodness sake. Who's business is it anyway??? Argh.

You are almost ready for baby day!! I had my baby a week and a half ago at 38 1/2 weeks,(hence, the lack of visits here) and cannot believe how special being a new mommy is...can't wait to see your new bundle!!!

Blessings to you!! :)

Tammie said...

Good luck, I feel it is not their business even though people like to think it is and can be so rude. You are right they are a blessing no matter if you have one or ten. Keep on loving them.

Unknown said...

it really REALLY bothers me that people act like that. Bless the Duggars for all the gruff they catch for having so many children. I just do not understand it. We have 5 children and once when we went out to eat and an older gentalmen told us "have enough of em dontcha" my husband snapped back and said NO actually we dont. We get all kinds of rude questions and comments and I just dont understand why.