Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First Doctors Appointment and Achy Body After Baby

Took pic on cell while waiting in doctors office
for Juliet's first appointment
Yesterday was Juliet's first doctors appointment and I really wanted to get her there to make sure she got her weight back up.  She was 6lbs 12oz when she was born but at the hospital went down to 6lbs 7oz even though I was feeding her on the hour.  At her appointment yesterday she was an even 7lbs at only six days old. That was a relief to me.  While we were waiting I was taking some cute pictures from my cell phone.

Whyyyyyy is it that when you make an appointment for a certain time they end up seeing you way later? I walk into the office and it's an adorable waiting room.  I like to always take a couple kids with me when I run errands so I had my girls with me.  The waiting room had cartoons playing and fun toys.  The girls only played for 5 minutes when they called us back to the room.  I was surprised at how quick there were but they left us in the empty and boring room for almost an hour.  No joke.  Why couldn't they have just let us stay in the front for awhile so we could be more comfortable and the girls could play?  I'll never understand that.

Last night there was a baby shower and since I had already gotten a gift for the mom and baby several weeks ago, I thought it'd be nice to get out of the house too.  My friend Michele met me there and she got to hold Juliet for the first time.  When I got home from the hospital Michele was really sick and couldn't get near her.  She was happy to finally get a chance.  Yesterday Juliet was 6 days old and the ladies were surprised we were out and about.  It truly, truly, truly is hard to just stay in bed.  I had her last Wednesday and we got out midday Friday.  I went home and slept through the rest of Friday and all of Saturday.  That was enough rest and the thought of staying in bed another day was just too much.  I missed my kids and they were sad.  They all kept asking when mommy was better and said they missed their baby sister so bad.  Sunday evening we got to go to church and although I spent most of the sermon time in the nursing room, it was so good to be there.  I am a leaky vessel and really wanted to be in God's house.  After all, all these gifts are from Him and I need all the strength and encouragement I can get.  11 years ago I begged for them to put a monitor in the nursing room so we could hear the sermons and they put one shortly after.  :D  It helps knowing even if I have to stay downstairs and nurse, we can all still hear the sermon.  
When I got home from the baby shower last night I couldn't believe how messy the house got from just the time I was away.  Wow!  I was kinda sad since I had worked 8 hours the day before to get the house back into shape.  My body was sore and I didn't want another repeat of that.  Instead of picking it all up myself I grabbed the broom and swept it all in a pile in the middle of the room.  It had been scattered everywhere.  I left it in a pile for the kids to pick up in the morning.  I've learned they need to be responsible for their stuff rather than me rescuing them all the time from putting it away themselves.  Then I cleaned the kitchen and finally got to bed around 1:30am.  It felt good to lay my tired and sore body in bed.  The achiness is from just having a baby and I keep forgetting to take my pain meds.  They gave me Percocet and it keeps me awake at night so I won't take it.  Instead, I'm just sticking with Motrin.  I can tell the difference in my body having babies in my thirties than when I was in my twenties.  Those after birth cramps used to be sooooo powerful and painful yet they would put my tummy back almost right away.  This time they were extremely mild which means it's probably gonna take longer. Phooey.  Oh well, Juliet is worth it.  :)
By the way, my husband came home from work today and had presents for Juliet!  A lady from his job got her several outfits and we were both so surprised!  Today is their last day so I don't have a chance to send something back in to thank them.  It truly was a blessing!


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

"I am a leaky vessel and really wanted to be in God's house."

Spoken like a true nursing mom! Those pics are so cute, Virginia. I hope the children are adjusting well. :)

16 blessings'mom said...

Congratulations on your new little pink bundle!! I love the name. It has always been one of my very favorites, so pretty, and it suits her. I am glad you had such a good birth. And...the waiting room question, I don't get that either! I have waited for some agonizing minutes that turned to half hours in those little exam rooms! While the toys just sat there in the waiting room!

Don't wear yourself out, Mama, get the rest you need. Seven children you have now! Congratulations!!!!


Virginia Revoir said...


Virginia Revoir said...

Thank you!