Friday, May 04, 2012

Extreme Couponing for Cereal!

It's about 1:30am and I started couponing since 2pm the day before.  It takes a lot of work to find coupons all over the internet for the sales happening right now.  After I got all 85 coupons that I needed, it was time to get organized and find out where the sales were happening and which coupons will be used at what store.  I had to get several rain checks since stock seemed to be out so I'll have to wait on some beverages and 10 free Palmolive dish soaps.  Anyway, here is my savings for today.  :)  Cereal is a huge thing with my kids so this is about 2 months worth.  None of these coupons I got were from Sunday papers or in the mail.  I have a wonderful printer that is MADE (in my opinion) for couponing since it only costs $5 to refill ink.  Even though I printed out 85 coupons, it barely touched the ink levels in my printer.  It cost me almost nothing to print out coupons and I go even cheaper than that and choose the option on my printer for economy savings on how much ink it uses.  (Quick Print option).  Even you want to be like me and go even cheaper, since some of these sites only have it to where one coupon uses up a whole paper, after it prints out, I turn the paper around, put the paper back in the printer, and print on the other side.  Also, since you can usually only print 2 of the same coupon from one computer, I print from several computers in the house and we have 5 of them.  Then I found multiple sites to where I could get these exact coupons.  That's how I got the 85 coupons.  Yeah, I have it down to a science.  LOL.

So I got 33 boxes of Cheerios for only $ .49 cents apiece
all (38) General Mills and Post cereals for $1

I could have gotten about 24 more General Mills for $1 apiece but shared the coupons with a friend.  :)  This should have cost me $260 but only cost me $50!  That is over an 80% savings.  I'm super excited!  This should last us about 2 months so I'm happy to have the cereal department taken care of for this family of mine.  :)   We love to save money!


Lisa@ Only The Fields said...

That is awesome! Cereal is one thing I can never get enough stock on since the munchkins eat it so fast!

Anonymous said...

cereal is horrible for you! Please read this-