Saturday, May 05, 2012

Easy Peasy Pregnancy at 37 Weeks

Can you believe I had not even bought a pack of diapers for Juliet?  This is how we are.... "Oh, well, we are heading home from the hospital, honey, what do we need?" Then I give my husband a check list.  Well, I took the kids with me to the store today and we purchased some itsy bitsy newborn diapers (with coupons of course).  Even the pack of diapers is so little.  They were all giggling about it.  We can't wait to open it and see how small they are.  You know that I haven't stopped changing diapers since the year 2000?  Not even a one month break.  I love my babies.  I don't even want a baby shower, just send diapers!  I'm a easy mom to please.  :D  You start realizing after your first or second baby that you don't need as many things as you THINK.  

I'm still enjoying being pregnant.  Can you believe I'm saying that at almost 38 weeks pregnant? I'm in no hurry and still loving her inside my tummy with all the beautiful movements.  Now, it was quite different with some of my other kids when they would kick so hard it was truly painful.  It was hard to sleep, eat, or even just sit in a chair.  Juliet is so mellow, all the girls were, that it's no problem.  Lovin' my belly right now and not even my legs hurt.  This is been by far the most pleasant and easy pregnancy.  My seventh one, go figure.

I needed to go more couponing last night so I went with my kids.  They are quickly learning that mommy almost always only puts things in the cart that she has coupons for.  Every now and then of course I have to buy something I wasn't thinking in advance about.  That's when I'll pull out my smartphone and see if I can find coupons through an app that can be loaded onto my store card.  Then when they scan my store card, it automatically comes off.  

I bought 5 Snuggles fabric softeners, 1 relish, 19 Palmolive dish soaps, 1 Pampers wipes, 5 Kool-Aid mixes, and a tupperware set I desperately needed.  Should have cost $100 but only cost me $19!  That's an 80% savings so I'm happy with it. I think I should have done better but I needed this stuff and didn't want to wait longer. 


Karen said...

Amazing deals with the coupons! I really should do that!

And I've been changing diapers since 2000 as well. :-) (currently 2 in diapers...with no signs of them being interested in changing that any time soon!)

Alice said...

I am 38 weeks on Wednesday with my 6th baby, and have been following you through your pregnancy! I can't believe how close to the end of pregnancy we are, and it seems to have come from nowhere! I feel exactly like you - I am LOVING being pregnant, even at this stage. I cherish every bit of it, and am not in any hurry to give birth. It's so much fun buying those teeny little things and getting ready! :)

Zion said...

You go girl! I am on again off again when it comes to coupon and right now I am off, although I wish that weren't the case! Those cartoons are so funny. I have to pee all the time. I have a 6 mont diaper break this time but before that it was 4 1/2 years. Do you usually go into labor early, late, or different every time? If it were me I would suspect to be days away from delivery at 38 weeks.

Virginia Revoir said...

I never, ever go early and hardly get any contractions right now so I doubt I'll have her before the due date. However, on Monday they will strip my membranes to help my body get ready. :D It never puts me into labor but it does help my body to start doing something. LOL.

Unknown said...

Thats awesome couponing. I have been chaning diapers for 9 years with a one year break between my youngest son and older daughter.

Chris H said...

My 6th, and last pregnancy was by far the easiest! No problems at all, 4 pound weight gain the whole pregnancy... and a very healthy 10 pound 6 ounce baby boy! AND labour did NOT HURT at all! Someone was watching over me for that one I'm sure.