Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Stress and Fun

Life has been good!  It has its ups and downs.  Right now, my husband just finished his last day of work and is currently looking for work.  Yikes!  Yep, that means NO PAY.  You bet I am nervous.  Everyday him and I are looking for work together.  I'm not looking for myself, just helping him.  His field of work is soooooo slow that everywhere he calls they aren't hiring.  So now we are looking outside of his field (which is Engineering).  He said he so wishes he had gone to school to be a programmer instead because they are doing better right now.  We even discussed him going back to school so he can work in that field.  We will see.  It would be really hard for awhile but in the long run it could provide more stability when the economy goes down like this.  Goodness, I hope we can find work and soon.  Please pray!

Life has been good in the sense that my kids are healthy and we are adoring Juliet!  With my last baby our crib broke when Ryan crawled in to read a book to Caleb.  He had been doing that for awhile but as he got bigger, the crib finally gave way.  Now he knows, no more crawling into the crib to read with little ones.  LOL.  Juliet has a gorgeous new crib and we decided to set it up in our bedroom.  We don't want any little ones crawling in so we figured it's safer for her first year.  After she turns a year we'll move her in with her big sisters.  They are excited and that also means they'll get the bigger bedroom that is now the playroom.  

Yesterday we took the kids to the mall and Charles was so proud to walk with us.  He's usually shy and doesn't like people staring at us.  He's finally starting to not care and just enjoy our time out.  People will stare when you are a larger family and we just have to get used to it.  I could help but chuckle when I was coming back from getting a coffee and I saw Charles and the kids heading towards me.  They looked like this large group laughing and chatting.  I was like, "whoa, that's a big family."  Soooooo cute.  Even recently Charles has been telling people who comment on his family size that he loves all his kids and enjoys every single one of them.  He said he couldn't imagine life without any of them.  That makes me smile because for awhile there he had a hard time with people's rude comments.
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