Friday, May 11, 2012

Couponing at Safeway and Grumpy Store Managers

Last night and today I was doing some major couponing again and didn't get a lot of sleep.  It ended up being around 2am when I got home but sometimes it just works out like that when you can't get out till late at night.  I've been a lot stricter about what I use my coupons on.  The item itself needs to already be on a pretty good sale before I'm willing to use a coupon for it. None of those lame 20 cents off stuff.  So I was checking out Safeway today and was shocked at some of the Friday only sales they were having.  Well, today is Friday, baby, and so I happened on a good day!  So my favorite deals I got were....

EDITED:  Deal at Safeway.  Buy 2 Classico's get 2 pasta's free.  Had coupon $1 off 2 Classico's and another coupon for $1 off 2 pastas.  Should have cost $46, only cost $2.50.  Saved 95%.

These are sooo good! I guy was giving out samples and I loved it.  Then I recognized the picture on the box and thought maybe I might have coupons for it in my book.  I did!  You can't tell in the picture but this is a large family pack.  Normally $11.50 per box, sale Friday only for $5.  Had $1 off coupons.  Should have cost $69 but only cost $24.  Saved 65%.
Another 25 boxes of cereal.  Normally $4.59 a box but on sale for $1.88.  Had $1 off coupons. Should have cost $115 but only cost $25.  Good deal!  Saved 78%.

I have to say though that the store manager at Safeway is very scary and rude to everyone.  Even to his employees.  Either he hates his job or he was a drill sergeant most of his life and still hates life.  He was NOT happy I was couponing.  Even though it's a major sale day and lots of people were there, they had only one lane open.  I'm not a MAJOR couponer where I buy in crates or anything but he made sure I knew he wasn't pleased with me.  I only needed to do two separate transactions but when he found out about it he raised his voice and told me there is no way I'm gonna do it.  He said absolutely not and in his words, "You ARE going to put this all on one transaction and just not get as good of a deal."  I was still very polite to him and said, "Okay, I'll just put some of the stuff back." He sighed really heavy and gruffly told me that this time and ONLY this time I can do two separate transactions.  I was polite to him the whole time.  I'll just be sure to not shop at the one next to my house and drive further out.  My transactions went pretty fast but they thankfully opened up another lane.  They should have done that anyway on a major sale day.

I got some other fantastic deals but these were my favorites that were bought in bulk.  I need to go back and buy some Sure deodorants for $ .50 apiece at Safeway later tonight and then do some price match shopping at Walmart.  Also, need to head to Fry's and get some free beverages and feminine items.  Anyway, trying to get shopping done before baby comes next week.  I'll be going into the doctor's in 5 days to have baby.  I'm super de-duper nervous!  Aaaaaaagh!  I'm trying not to think a lot about it and just get my stuff ready.  I need to just relax and enjoy each day that I have with my family.  New baby coming, new job for hubby (said in faith), and cars getting repaired (also said in faith).  :D  

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