Thursday, May 31, 2012

Finding Summer Fun Anywhere We Can

 The other day we bought sparklers and lit them in the backyard.  We would put our sparklers together in a group and see who's would light first with a match.  Everything always has to be a competition around here.  Heh heh....
 The other day we tried to go to the zoo but it was soooo packed!  This was last Saturday.  There was absolutely NO parking and there were cars everywhere trying to get a spot.  Why would we stay and try to find one?  We have a zoo membership and can go any day so we left and looked for another place to hang out at.  We tried a really fun splash pad but they were also packed out.  
Eventually we just went to a fun park that had a beautiful lake.  We parked the van and had the kids play in the playground.  Just so happens a church was having a picnic and they were playing Christian music really loud.  They invited the kids to play on the bounce house the little ones were happy to go.  However, I put a stop to my older ones jumping on it because I don't think it's nice to have my big boys jumping with a bunch of little kids.  

Caleb found some toy sand trucks and basically he was unavailable to talk to for an hour.  He was in his own little world!  You know Caleb... he's all about cars, cars, cars.  

Then we went to feed the ducks and their was a momma duck and her duckling!  Soooo cute.  Of course the worry wart I am I said next time we walk at a lake we are putting floaties on Caleb.  It might look odd being that its a non-swimming lake but still... if he fell in he would just float.  

This is my girl Ivy watching the ducks (you can't really see in picture).  We still had fun and even managed to go to the zoo a few days later.  It was waaaaay less packed and we got to have fun in the water caves. Juliet is only 2 weeks old but we are still having fun being adventurous and visiting fun places.  She doesn't slow us down at all... just adds to the fun.  :D

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