Monday, June 04, 2012

Summer at the Zoo with My Family

I really love our zoo membership year around.  In the winter we spend more time looking at the animals but in the summer is when they turn the water on and we can sit in the shade and have a picnic.  

We pretty much just walk straight to where this is and let them play for awhile.  If the weather isn't too bad we might visit the petting zoo but in reality, most animals are hiding away from the heat.

We love to bring along Ryan's best friend Georgie.  He's a great kid and he gets along with everyone in the family.  Him and Ryan are the same age and both just as goofy.  Chaz is soooo sad that his best friend moved away and that happens to him a lot.  :(  He was crying to me about it last night.  I wish I could just steal his friend for a week since he lives about 2 hours away.  If our cars were reliable right now I would even drive up there to snatch him!  LOL.

Sigh.... I love that my husband is such a family man.  He enjoys hanging out with all of us.  Back in the day, like way, way back in the day... neither one of us would've been okay with hanging out with a ton of kids just for fun.  Ha..

Chaz likes to take our picture.  Sometimes I wonder if photo taking would be good therapy for Chaz because he's really good at it and can get lost in it.  By the way, I'll be getting an updated evaluation for Chaz but it takes awhile to set up the appointment and wait to finally get him seen.  Sigh... sometimes dealing with it is a lot to handle and a lot to think about.  I get overwhelmed and sad just wanting Chaz to enjoy life and not deal with all the bumps in the road that his brothers don't have to deal with. Especially rejection from other kids.  I wish I could protect him forever...

Ashley has pretty blue eyes and she's excited about turning 5 this year and "going to school."  She asks me how many days almost every day and wants me to rewash her new backpack for her Friday school.  Soooo cute....

Juliet is hiding in the back of the stroller so you can't see her but there we are with an extra kid in the middle!  I wish each kid could've brought their best friend but then we wouldn't all fit in our van.

Ivy is growing up fast and is actually a really good girl.  She gets her emotional moments but she's a sweetie pie.  Here we were in the gift store and she tried on some funny glasses.  

Ryan and the boys are trying to wrestle and get Chaz into the water. Chaz loves to wrestle but I've always warned the boys that once you wind Chaz up you are now responsible for winding him down.  He will wrestle you till the son goes down and beyond.  LOL.

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Chris H said...

Lovely photos... and maybe you need to get a mini bus next? lol