Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Curse of Hollywood

Can you believe this?  Man, time has changed!  I've always thought the models in the runway were waaaaaay too skinny that it was gross.  When I was a teen I would try and drink Ensure shakes because I felt that I was too skinny.  It didn't work and I didn't gain any weight. I probably thought like that because I wasn't raised with a TV and didn't read the teen magazines so I didn't feel that pressure to be deathly skinny from Hollyweird.  I'm telling you, kids get that vibe from those places. When you are sheltered from that, you don't feel that pressure.  Hollywood has really, really twisted our view of what is beautiful.  I bet half the women in America would not even worry about dieting if it weren't for the sick view of what's considered beautiful.  Of course obesity is unhealthy and that's a reason to diet but I see perfectly healthy women worrying about their weight.  I've been frustrated at myself for my weight and I have to keep mentally slapping myself and telling myself that I just had a baby a month ago.  

Have you seen this?  I love it!  I have it printed out for my kids and I'm gonna frame it.  Talk about taking it down to where kids can really understand it.  I read it to my family with a southern drawl and my husband and kids loved it.  Ha ha.

Ashley has been telling me how much she can't wait to be a mommy.  I was sitting down talking to Juliet and Ashley came up with her dolly and was copying everything I was saying.  Later, Ivy joined with her doll right next to me and they were copying every word. It was so cute.  I've been telling Ashley to just enjoy being little but she insists she's gonna grow up, get married, then have lots and lots of babies and she can't wait.  Heh heh... Fine with me since that'll make me a happy Grandma.  Still, I'm  in no hurry for my own babies to grow up.


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Do NOT let your girls near Emperor! He wants to get married RIGHT NOW too!! :)

Motherhen said...

You are always gorgeous, inside and out! Beautiful photo of the mommas!