Monday, June 11, 2012

Large Family Weddings

It's embarrassing when I forget about very important family events and make other plans.  Thankfully my mother-in-law called and reminded me about our aunt's wedding.  We were going to be heading to Mighty Mud Mania and then I was to be going to a baby shower directly after.  Of course we happily cancelled those plans to come and support Aunt Kim.  :)

It was tough trying to get there because my son Kyle was throwing up and he was even getting sick allll the way there.  We were HOPING we would not get sick during the ceremony and even made him hold a doggy bag the whole time.  Seriously, throwing up would not be good sound effects for the wedding video or good floor decor. 

We arrived embarrassingly late because Kyle was sick so we had to stand out in the foyer during the ceremony.  The double doors were open though so we just stood where we could see.  I was SUPER proud of my kids. All 7 were respectful, still, and quiet while we watched.  Any peep or movement would have been noticed since it was so quiet.

Afterwards my husband's family got see Juliet for the first time.  His family is BIG since his grandma had 10 kids.  This picture is of my husband's cousin holding little Juliet.  Juliet is 3 1/2 weeks old now and is almost 9lbs.  They were matching in yellow!  

You know what is so neat about large families?  The support can be amazing.  The brides immediate family was all there, meaning just sisters, brothers, and mom yet it was a good amount of people.  I love that about big families.  :)  In this picture my mother-in-law is wearing black and her mom (who had 10 kids) is in white.  I love to ask her questions on how she managed a large family.  

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