Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Raking In Savings from CVS

Yesterday my friend and I went out to CVS to see what kind of deals we could get.  We knew we were gonna pick up 6 bottles of Bayer Aspirin for free but since they were out we just got a rain check.  However, I got some other really good deals like Pantene ProV for only $1 each and pads for .77 cents each.  Here are my favorite deals that I got yesterday

All makeup (except for the Covergirl was 50% off) was 75% off then we used coupons for each item. Should have cost $83.73. Paid $2.90.

Diapers 75% off they should have cost $57.49. Paid $14.90.  Was only $2.49 each.

We love savings and hop on them when we can.  I was already getting low on diapers and once I saw a shelf that said 75% off, you bet I was gonna clear the rest of them out.  Diapers are a constant need around here with two in diapers and one in Pullups at night.  The makeup was a big deal because I was already in need of some.  Paying under $3 total for it was a major score since they had lots of makeup on clearance.  This is why I mostly buy any makeup from CVS or Walgreens (drugstores) because since they keep such a large selection, they tend to clearance them off more.  That's when I take those clearance items, put coupons with them, and rake in major savings.  My nonfood pantry is getting filled up with things we actually use.  It's nice that when we run out we can just go straight to the pantry to get another.  Most items in there were free or at least 75% off after sales and coupons.

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