Thursday, June 07, 2012

Moms Don't Get Sick Days

Boy, I haven't been blogging a lot.  There are some major stressful things happening in my life right now and I've been really sick with some sort of stomach bug.  It's so hard to be sick like this AND take care of your kids.  Earlier, I laid almost all my kids down for a nap except for the older ones and laid myself for some merciful sleep.  It's not like a mom can call off for a sick day.  Diapers still need to be changed, kids fed, but forget about cleaning.  Phooey.  The pain in sooo bad right now but I love to blog and it brightens my day.

coupon inserts ready to be torn out and stapled
Second step after putting together by pages,
stapling, then finally cutting out to put in book
This week I've been couponing every day getting ready for another major savings shopping trip.  It takes a good weeks worth of work and is tiring but the results are just awesome.  I'll be happy when it's done.  However, if I didn't get behind and immediately put my coupons away every week that I get from the Sunday paper, it would be so much easier to keep up.  Sigh.  I never seem to learn this.  Okay, so I've been going to the store every week to buy papers for the full price.  I used to go the 99cent store to get them for half the price but because they order very few papers it would always run out within 10 minutes.  I found a different store that also charges $1 for the Sunday paper and they have waaaaay more.  So now I'm getting my papers for half the price every month again.  Yay!  That's another savings.  

Juliet 2 weeks old at the zoo
Juliet is a dream. I know I say that a lot.  I just feel like with each baby I'm learning to appreciate things so much more.  With my first I couldn't wait for their first steps, first teeth, first everything.  Then I couldn't wait for them to crawl, walk, talk.  Then I was excited when they turned five and go to school.  Always waiting for the next thing.  Now, over a decade later I'm realizing that time flies way too fast (I also say that on here a lot) and I just can't help but appreciate things I never appreciated before.  For example, I have been changing diapers nonstop since the year 2000.  Seriously, there has never been a break for almost 12 years.  My first few I dreaded diaper changes.  I would sigh and be like "well, I have to change ANOTHER diaper."  Now, I will wake up all hours of the night to make sure Juliet is dry and just snuggle her up and talk to her.  Before I would be afraid that would wake her but I love to see her chubby cheeks under the moonlight that streams through the cracks in my curtain.  Every moment I get with her is special.  I love giving her a bath and seeing how she calms when you put water on the top of her head to rinse off the shampoo.  It's special just playing with her tiny, wiggly toes.  She messed up her outfit?  That's okay, what other cute outfit can we find?  So much has changed over time and you just start to realize that you will NEVER get those moments back so just love each one.  


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

LOVE this post. You are an amazing mommy! Feel better soon!

Chris H said...

I hope you are feeling better soon, and yes, I loved all the special moments with my newborns too. Now I get to lavish all my love on my grandbabies too!
That is so special.