Sunday, June 24, 2012

When Husband is Home We Play

Does anyone find it difficult to do your housework and other duties when your husband is home?  In the past when my husband would have a day off from work it was for playtime and fun.  Now that he is home every day we just want to play and hang out.  I get behind on my housework and laundry.  Either he is just THAT much fun to be around or it's a switch in my brain that I can't work around.  I like having daddy home and so do the kids.

Well, as much as I love having my husband home he does have another job interview tomorrow.  This is my dilemma... Charles had a job offer last week for a really, really good company. The problem is they are slow to hire but then people stay there for a lifetime.  It's SUCH a good company to work for.  Well, they won't give Charles an answer for 2-3 weeks.  The office really works together on who to hire and they have meetings about it.  Since some are on vacation, they have to wait till everyone is together to decide. Where does that leave us for 2-3 weeks?  Still no income till they decide.  However, he has a job interview tomorrow that sounds really interested and could be an immediate hire.  The only problem is that it's only a contract job and it will run out after awhile.  Do we just take the job because it's an immediate hire or wait for the other?  What if we wait and the other doesn't end up hiring?  Sigh.  If we had the money we would wait but the way the economy is right now you have to just take what you can get.  I prayed last night that God's will would be done.  I prayed that God would just shut the doors that would need to be shut and open doors where He would want them opened.  That took some relief off my tortured mind about this.

Juliet has been smiling a lot and is just a happy baby.  She rarely fusses and only does when she's hungry.  Ivy was deemed her "buddy" so she is happy to get stuff for her when needed.  Caleb is Ryan's buddy and Kyle is Chaz's buddy.  It works out good say when we are in public and one has to go to the bathroom then they aren't alone.  :)  Chaz took this picture of Juliet.


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Wow, prayers for clarity for you because that has to be tough!! Maybe cross that bridge when you come to it, might be the contracting job only lasts two weeks?? Who knows??

Chris H said...

I didn't know your hubby was out of a job, that must be hard!
I hope he gets a good one... the possible one in 2-3 weeks sounds good.