Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summertime Messes and Girl Huddles

It's been tough keeping up on the house lately.  I think when I get out of my routine it throws me off big time.  I do spend a lot of time feeding Juliet and the summer has kept us busy.  I'm a routine person, not by nature, but out of necessity.  I tend to just want to play with my kids, hang out, have some adventures and forget about my boring work.  :P  I don't always sleep very good because I wake up all night with my little princess Juliet.  You know you're tired when you go to church with your shirt inside out and never realize it till afterwards.  Ummm.... yeah, a little embarrassing but oh well.  Ha ha.

Ryan is 10 here in this picture but he is always quick to remind me he'll be 11 in two months.  Heh heh..  Then Chaz pipes up and reminds me of his birthday.  Then they all want to remind me.  That's what happens when you have your kids' birthdays all two weeks apart.  It's one birthday and then BAM, another, then another, then another. Before you know it, we've gained 10lbs from all the cakes we've had.  LOL.  Seven babies in 11 years.  Not bad.  :D

The girls and I have been working on our "girl huddles".  I told them we need to have our own established team now that we have an extra girl in the family.  I pick up Juliet and we put our heads together, say something really silly in whispers, then say "one, two, three, break!"  When the boys ask what the secret was the girls always tell them.  Then the boys laugh because the girls can't keep secrets.  Silly girls.

We are trying to decide which homeschool program we want to use this year.  My friends and I are attending a conference.  Whatever I decide on we stick with for that whole school year rather than skip around.  I just want to touch and look through the books that I see rather than take someone's word for it or only see it online.  I really hope I make the right decision on one.  We shall see.  :D


Kim Chrisman said...

Your children are so beautiful!!! Especially your girls:). I know you already know this, but please don't worry about your house! Here I sit in my spotless house with my kids grown and gone and I would give ANYTHING to have them back, if only for a day. They wont remember the condition of the house,just the memories you made playing with them

Kim Chrisman

Virginia Revoir said...

Thank you, Kim! :D