Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kids Tooth Brushing Chart

Whether I'm a mom of two or of six I know that having charts can be very helpful.  Something that makes things a bit easier around here is always welcomed.  :D

Well, I have one for you and it's free! You can print a free chart for your child or for kids in your classroom.  I love anything that promotes positive reinforcement and this definitely works. 

First go to and click on "for kids" or "for teachers" if you have a classroom you'd like to use this for.  I did for kids so I typed in my son's name.

Then I printed the chart.  Super easy and I know your kids will love having a visual of their progress!


Jenny said...

Great idea! I wonder if I have enough wall space for 6 of those charts, though. Hmmmm...

Virginia Revoir said...

I know, I was thinking about the same thing. LOL. I might just put them in a stack, staple the top, then use tacks to put up on bathroom wall.

kids teeth said...

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