Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Worst Homeschool Mistakes & Homeschool Sanity

Yesterday ended on a really good note after I found this fabulous link.  It's about Homeschooling--how to reduce stress and then I ordered this book called Homeschool Sanity to put on my Kindle.  The kids and I really had a rough day with homeschooling and I just felt like something needed to change.  I love what we use for Language Arts, Math, and Bible lessons but I felt like History and Science was a bit hum drum.  It's no fun learning those two subjects the way they were set up so we decided to pull both from their curriculum and make it more hands on.

I found another fantastic book to download onto my Kindle that only cost 99 cents.  It sounded interesting because it says, 

"We recently surveyed over 800 homeschooling families about what has worked well and not-so-well for them in their homeschooling activities. We got some remarkable answers from this survey. One of the most intriguing questions we asked was this: “What was your worst mistake in homeschooling your children... and if you could do it over again, what would you change about how you have homeschooled in the past?” We got some great responses to this question, with some tips and suggestions that are well worth considering by both newbie and veteran homeschoolers alike."

Hey, there is nothing wrong with learning from others who have gone before us.  Many, many said to not feel pressured into doing a particular curriculum just because someone says you should or because it's popular.  Learn what is good for your family, what works.  It's okay to mix it up a bit and that's exactly what we are doing.  We will be looking into getting a membership at the Science Center because I found out they have hands on classes for homeschoolers.  We already have a zoo membership and they have classes there for homeschoolers also.  I'm super excited and I feel like the weights been lifted off my kids.  When I told them we could drop two of the subjects and find something else that works they all cheered.  I'm cheering too.  :)

I can't believe how many fantastic learning adventures there are for kids who homeschool.  Sheesh!  I wish I had that experience rather than always sit in a really boring classroom.  I love having my kids with me every day and they get lots of time with other kids.  The difference is I get to pick the group of kids they are around.  They go a school every Friday that is only for homeschooled kids and the difference on the playground is shocking.  Have you ever seen a school playground where there is little to no bullying, kids say "please" and "thank you", and there is respect for the teachers?  Yeah, it's awesome.  So yes, my kids are socialized but with healthy kids I want them to be around.  

In the past I was so back and forth about everything because I cared about everyone's opinion of my life.  If people discouraged me or disagreed with me I worried about it.  Nope, not anymore.  I have a close relationship with each of my kids.  I know their strengths and weaknesses more than strangers or even family does.  I live with these kids.  They don't.  The day I decided to give all those worries to God rather than listen to all the negative is the day I started being stronger for my kids.  There will be bullies when you are young and unfortunately when you are old.  I have bullies send me nasty letters, hate mail, or anonymous comments on my blog.  Does it matter what they say from somewhere around the world?  No, it doesn't.  What matters is what God's Word says, what my husband says, and what my kids need.  Thank God I stopped allowing myself to be bullied.  There will always be people that disagree with you.  I think correction can be a good thing when it's done in a constructive manner rather than tearing someone down through insults.  That's not how God would want us to correct someone nor is it how we want to be treated.  More importantly, kids watch how we respond to bullies.  Actions speak so much LOUDER in how we handle a situation.  Life is full of lessons.  I never want to stop being teachable.  We make mistakes, says things we shouldn't say, stumble in our Christian walk.  It happens.  Instead of being self condemning, I've learned to just brush the dirt off and keep going. I'd rather finish the race with bruises and scars than quit in the middle.


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

I just luv your trolls! Yours are so Godly, and such perfect parents!! And they have so much time to help you out so that YOU can be perfect just like them! Mine are (unfortunately) not nearly so classy.

You're absolutely right, though, that there will be haters no matter what you do. You just have to be open to *constructive* criticism and then go on to do what you think is the best thing for your family. Love to you and yours today, Virginia. :)

Tidbits of Torah said...

what a great layout for a blog!

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