Monday, February 06, 2012

Raising My Very Own Calvin and Hobbes

Caleb crashing the
girls' bath party
Caleb is 2 1/2 and BOY does he act like it.  He's the first one to wake up and he always, always poops right when he wakes up.  A really bad one. Then he walks up to my bed, climbs up, and sits right next to my face.  He makes sure to bring all his cars, the ones that make very loud noises, and plays cars on my body.  Do I need an alarm clock?  Noooooo...... I don't get to wake up to Folgers in my cup, instead, I wake up to poop smells in my face an loud firetruck engine sounds.  He talks and talks at the same time. Finally, I'll pull my tired, pregnant body out of the bed and shuffle in to the kitchen to get coffee.  Almost always I never make it and have to get sick in the toilet.  I look at my coffee maker that I have a love and hate relationship with, then I look at Caleb.  I love my coffee but just thinking the word "coffee" aggravates my morning sickness and changing Caleb does the same.  Sigh.  Then I wonder if Charles is going to be home soon because often he'll rescue me and take care of Caleb so I can have my coffee.  This morning he didn't come home early enough so I gathered the courage to change his toxic smelling diaper and somehow made it through with getting sick.

Charles thinks its funny
when I have to do this to
avoid smells
I then shuffled my tired body over to my coffee maker and was happy to not get sick just trying to make it.  It's not the smell of coffee that makes me sick, it's the word "coffee" that does.  When I'm pregnant, sometimes smells make me sick but so do word associations.  When I was pregnant with Ashley I couldn't say the word "IKEA" and I didn't step foot in that store till I gave birth.  Actually, this only happens when I'm pregnant with girls. 

 Growing up my favorite cartoon has always been Calvin and Hobbes.  Does this look familiar?

Calvin and Hobbes?

He is constantly getting into everything, climbing, escaping, is just as hyper, and is getting into my purse as I am writing this.  Better go....

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Unknown said...

My four year old wakes up every morning.. He poops on the toliet but doesnt wipe himself. So my alarm is "MOM I AM DONE.. MOM WIPE ME". lol