Saturday, February 25, 2012

Scheduling in Weekend Activities

Kyle and Ryan
This morning I had to run errands so I took Chaz with me to the chicken feed store.  It had partially burned down but they still had business going while it was being rebuilt.  So we looked at the chickens but since there were only roosters available to buy we didn't go home with any chickens.  After that we went to Sam's Club and I got very few things because I know not everything is a good deal there  We get some pretty basic items there and are in and out real fast.  Since I had only one kid with me no one paid attention to us.  Usually we're stared at and/or people start counting our kids. It was kinda nice to not be a focal point.  Chaz really is not a shopper by any means so he was itching to get home.  All my kids talk to friends on the phone now so he really wanted to call up his friend.  That's gonna be odd since we have only one phone line and 6 kids.  I'm not getting any of them a cell till their teens some time.  Seriously, that's like handing them a weapon for all kinds of trouble so I seriously don't know when it's gonna be allowed.

Ashley, Ivy, Kyle, Ryan, and his friend Georgie at the zoo
I dropped a happy-to-be-home Chaz off and picked up 5 other kids to take to the zoo.  My dad found out I was going and met with me.  I can't go with my whole family because our van is in need of some major repairs.  It feels so odd to be with only some of the family going out places.  Once we got to the zoo we just went straight for the train and it gave me a break of too much walking since I'm 7 months along and it's starting to get hot out.  There is just so many exciting things to know about the animals and I think we're gonna do a study at home about them for a bit.  

I took this pic of the giraffe drinking.  So cute!
This morning I had seriously tried to just chill out at home and not do much of anything.  Since we had worked hard at home all week I just really needed to get out.  The house was clean and there wasn't much work to do.  Getting out with the kids was great!  :D

Ashley fell asleep on my dad's lap
during the train ride at the zoo


elkins View said...

my daughters favorite animal :-) we saw them one day in a drive through safari-one where the animals come up to you, it actualy wrapped it's tongue around my arm-YUCK but totally awsome. I am your newest follwer :-)

Kerrie McLoughlin said...

you rock! i totally agree about the phones and you've inspired me to do a blog post about Porn in the Pocket (like Jungle in my Pocket) ... with phones connected to the internet, anything goes. Oh, and internet in bedrooms ... sheesh! I also love how you always have extra kids with you ... we do that, too and nobody understands why we would take on more. Uh, cuz we LIKE kids, duh! heading to 7 kids and counting blog now ...

Virginia Revoir said...

I'm heading over to her blog too. :)

Well, we figure that extra kids just doesn't make much of a difference. Half the time I just figure it's good training in case we have more kids some day. lol