Monday, February 27, 2012

28 Weeks Pregnant!

So today I am officially 7 months pregnant with baby Juliet!  Wow, does time fly when you really aren't paying a lot of attention.  Lets see... I've been married 13 years and have been pregnant basically ever other year.  After I gave birth to my first one I got pregnant almost immediately.  I used to be obsessed by the calendar but then I figured if I'm gonna be pregnant so much I might as well just live life normally.  Took me 7 pregnancies to figure that one out.  Hope it didn't take anyone else as long.  Haha.  Anyway, she is over 2lbs now and safe and sound.  The kids are counting down more than I am so whenever they ask me how many days I just round it out for them.  I tell Kyle that when his best friend has a birthday then Juliet is ready to come out.  I still battle morning sickness and yesterday, while doing baby nursery at church, I had to stick tissues up my nose to change a poopie.  A mom walked in while I was changing the baby and started laughing seeing all this tissue hanging out of my nose and heaving.  I didn't want to be lazy so I wanted to just change the diaper rather than make the other ladies do it.  I guess one of my pet peeves is people using pregnancy as a handicap and excuse to get out of doing some easy stuff.  "Get me this, get me that."  I would rather just stick the darn tissues up my nose and hope I don't throw up rather than sit on my butt not pitching in.

Juliet is so mellow and doesn't abuse me in my stomach like my boys did.  Well, Charles doesn't get to feel her a whole lot but last night while he was sleeping with his hand on my stomach, the baby was kicking his hand like crazy.  LOL, he didn't even know!  It was funny seeing his hand jumping from her wild kicks. 
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