Monday, February 27, 2012

Thank God it's Monday!

I know it sounds weird but.... Thank God it's Monday!  This weekend was just so odd.  It's not like we did nothing and just sat around, we went to the zoo, ran errands, went to church on Sunday morning and Sunday night.  I think because I'm so used to being busy and teaching all week long and then things just seem so quiet on the weekends in comparison.  Usually I welcome the break but this time it was too quiet and the house was already clean.  Well, now my work is back, the house is messy, we have to homeschool, and I'm happy.  :)

I spent a good part of Saturday morning looking up fun things for the kids to do throughout the year.  Wow, I found some great stuff!  The Sea Life aquarium close by us has programs just for homeschooled kids.  You can even print out worksheets for the kids to bring.  You have to prove you're a homeschooler and you bring kids every day for a week to learn about sea life.  Another one I found is the Science Center.  You can pay for your kids to do experiments.  I'm trying to get Chaz and Ryan signed up for dissecting frogs.  The classes only hold up to six kids so hopefully I'll get them signed up in time since I'm waiting for them to call me back.  Science just sounds so much more fun when it's hands on rather than just reading about it all the time.

Anyway, back to the wonderful busyness of the week!  It's with my family rather than in some ol' stuffy job somewhere that has all kinds of crappy office politics to deal with.  Every day I thank God for my husband who will do anything to have his wife be able to stay home and raise the kids.  :)

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