A Little About Me

Well, let me tell you!  I'm a mom to 20.  I'm a clean fanatic who loves to shop at Nordstroms.  I bathe twice a day and I go to the spa once a week at the minimum.  I paint my toes in accordance to what I'm wearing each day. 

Just kidding!

Hi!  I'm a mom to seven.  I married my best friend and love December 5th, 1998.  Two years later we had our first child together.  A year after that and then every 2 years after that!  I'm a Christian who loves going to church 3 times a week or more if there is revival!  I guess whenever the doors are open.  :)  I also can understand a mom who isn't sure how to juggle it all.  Growing up with ADHD  and having it as an adult can make the simplist organizational tasks be rocket science for me.  I may not be a super mom but I work super hard.  Even if there are times you have to hop over toys scattered around. Whether I homeschool my kids or school at home I just love to have them home with me every day.  

I think time flies by way too fast and we always need to remember to love people and use things.  NOT... use people and love things.  I stay at home with my kids because there is nothing in this world worth not staying with them as much as possible.  I know there is all kinds of goodies and fun stuff out there but those things fade.  Get boring.  We have to keep having more.  My relationship with God and with my family is so much more satisfying!  Don't let anyone talk you out of loving the little precious time we have with our little ones. 

I don't know what the future holds, whether or not I'll have more children.  I know I want God at the steering wheel whatever happens.  Eek.  That can scare me at times but I know I need to trust Him.  I know having a relationship with Him is more about just talking about Him.  The bible says that He stands at the door and knocks.  All we need to do is open it.  :)