Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Making Valentines Day Special for Everyone

Someone getting ready for Valentines?
Last night I headed off in the early evening to do some "grocery shopping" alone.  I did do some because I wanted to make a special dinner for Valentines day.  My husband has a favorite meal, Chicken Tikka Masala, and I needed to get the ingredients.  I asked where to find sparkling apple cider and they left me looking in the long wine aisle.  I felt very lost and odd standing there because I've never been in that aisle before.  Well, it wasn't there.  Of course.  It was in the regular juice aisle.  I got a Barbie for each daughter and and iTunes gift card for the boys.  Then a Lightening McQueen car for baby Caleb.  After leaving the grocery store I headed over to Ross to hopefully find something for my husband. There clearly was nothing good there and I wasn't gonna settle so I headed to a clothing department store.  It took me two hours before I finally settled on some really nice clothes I knew he would want and love.  By then my husband thought my grocery shopping was taking way too long.  When he called I told him I was Valentines shopping.  Then he reminded me that I already got him a really nice gift for Valentines a couple of days ago.  Oh..... Um... oh well.  Happy Valentines!

My husband opened his gift at 5:30am and immediately put his new clothes on.  He loved it!  Ivy came in to tell her daddy Happy Valentines Day and that she loved him so much.  When he came back home later that morning of course he had his roses, card, and balloons waiting for me.  He's so traditionally cute and it's so sweet every time.  I tell him that I never feel like he has to go overboard on Valentines because he makes me feel special all year long.  Yeah, don't worry, I never take that for granted.

Ashley with her rose from daddy
and Barbie from mommy
Charles also had a single rose for each of his daughters and a pink sparkle donut.  They were surprised! I thought that was amazingly sweet.  Wow, what a dad!  Then the kids all opened their gifts.  This year we really all wanted to go to dinner for Valentines but since our van is broken down we are stuck at home.  So I'll be making the secret dinner and desert tonight with candles and flowers on the table.  So excited to make Valentines special for all the loves in my life!


Luther Wesley said...

That is one large bear....Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours

mamamia said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine's Day! I hope your surprise dinner went off with a bang!

Chris H said...

Wow you guys really do take Valentines Day to another level!

Musiqal1 said...

You guys are so sweet. I'm so glad I stopped by. Thanks for posting this story. :)