Friday, June 29, 2012

Surviving in a Tough Economy

Prayers were answered!  My husband has a job back in his field again!  It's been a tough 3 years with him losing his job to the economy.  I had to check my attitude many times when it got really tough.  I didn't have the spending money I used to have but quickly learned how to be frugal.  I didn't know bargain hunting would be so fun!  :D  I learned that saving money and being responsible is important no matter how much money you make.  I also learned to plan for the future rather than think what I have is permanent.

Nothing in this life is guaranteed. The last 3 years he had to find work way out of his field just so we could have something. I was proud of him because instead of wallowing in the mud and refusing to work unless he had THAT pay, he took a pay cut and stuck it out.  Finally, he's back in his career field and back to what he used to make.  In the last 3 years I've learned how incredibly wasteful we were and how to be resourceful.  I feel like God was doing a heart check on me.  Rather than rely on myself, I learned to rely on Him and have faith.  God gives and God can take away.  It's easy to smile when we have everything going for us but what about when that's all taken away?  Can we still praise God?  

My dad and Charles
I never want my husband to work extra hard just so I can have nice things.  I will sacrifice wherever needed to have him home and able to enjoy his family and not have to work his life away.  I know some have to just to survive.  I mean, having the choice, if it meant a smaller house, an apartment, whatever it takes, I'd rather have him home.  Awhile back when I was questioning whether or not to have any more kids.  Could we make it?  How will our finances cover it?  I had all those doubts and a man walked into my husband's office and wanted to talk to him. Without him knowing anything about us he said he felt that God wanted him to share something with Charles about faith.  He said God has a blessing on families and to trust Him.  As God gives us children, he will also make a way.  I believe we had 3 kids at the time.  He wasn't the only stranger that came up to us and shared like that.  We had many incidents like that.  It's amazing how true that's been and how God has always provided.  I've learned on my heart to be very, very frugal.  Whether it's making money online, spending hours each week couponing and looking for deals, or making cut wherever needed, it can be done to save money!  I've even raised chickens and sold them to homes where people wanted to have fresh eggs.  That was pretty fun and I'm thinking about starting that up again.  I thank God He's kept His promise and kept us afloat through the tough times.  I've learned some valuable lessons of not being wasteful that I'm gonna keep with me.


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

BIG CONGRATS to Charles and the whole family!! Woot!

Virginia Revoir said...

Thank you!!! :D He was soooo happy when he came home from his first day of work. It was obvious he missed that type of work so bad. He really loves what he does.

Unknown said...


I know how that felt. my mom died 2 and a half years a go when i was 21 and still in college. i was left with the responsibility of raising my 2 siblings. and i got pregnant with hubby then single again a few months after giving birth.

it was hard but i learned how pray and be thankful of what we have.

hopefully next week will be better. Our insurance money will arrive and my sister and i will venture into business!! I'll work extra hard not go through this phase again!

momto9 said...

A wonderful post!! So happy he has a job again!
You should totally do a post on how to be frugal!!!