Monday, May 21, 2012

Juliet's Birth Story

What a great experience Juliet's delivery was and even a funny story.  My friend Michele and I headed to my doctor's appointment Wednesday morning at 10am to have the balloon inserted.  I had four ladies in there and after they inserted it they said it might take a full day to work and even over night.  I had doubted it would take that long since last time it worked within just a few hours while walking around the mall.  The balloon was to help me dilate so I had my friend drive for me in case it decide to work right away.  Within minutes I started to have contractions but they were mild and I had maybe a handful of them.  We stopped to get something to eat for about 20 minutes but I ate very little as I was soooo nervous knowing what's about to come.  When I got home I went to the restroom right away and thought something seemed odd so I checked.  My balloon fell out!  Ummmmm... I literally just walked in the door from my appointment and it had already fell out?  It must've been put in wrong or something.  It only falls out when you are dilated to a 4 or 5 and I was barely dilated to a 1 when they started.  The doctor told me to not walk around anywhere but come straight back to the doctor's office.  Michele was there to take care of the kids and so Charles took me back since we knew we'd be going to the hospital right after.

I walked inside and the ladies at the front desk just stared at me with their mouths open.  One finally said, "That was fast!"  I know, I had just left!  The doctor checked and sure enough I was dilated to almost a 5 and was in NO PAIN whatsoever.  In fact, I had only had a handful of contractions and they sure were mild.  She knew I wasn't in any pain but she said I needed to go into the hospital right away.  However, since I was not complaining of any pains she asked me to fake it a little that the contractions were intense so I wouldn't be sent home.  Fake it?  Heh heh.... this was gonna be fun.

Charles and I walked into the hospital hand in hand and I was trying not to be too happy.  My husband thought that was gonna be impossible for me as I'm usually smiling and talking with everyone.  Sure enough when they called me back and asked me how I was doing, I quickly responded... "Good!  Um....well... under the circumstances."  I almost forgot I wasn't supposed to be so cheery.  The nurse hooked me up to the monitors and put a blood pressure on my arm.  I started to breathe heavy so she asked, "What?  Are you having a contraction?"  I responded, "No, the blood pressure band was too tight."  Charles was dying in the corner trying to not laugh.  Since she walked out for awhile, Charles and I were able to joke and talk together for awhile before having to act serious again.  They checked me again and I was dilated to a 5 and although the small contractions were painless, they admitted me and I was moved to the delivery room.  Whoa!  Things are moving and we were so nervous and excited.

When I dilated to a 6 I asked if they could just break my water since my water never, ever breaks on it's own.  My doctor right away did it knowing that sure was the truth!  Last time when they broke my water it hurt so bad she had to chase me up the table.  Over time my cervix has gotten so sensitive and it's extremely painful whenever they'd check me or break my water.  I asked for an epidural even though I was having no pain at a 6 so they went ahead and set it up.  I'm terrified of the epidural needle but I couldn't really complain since it was going to be a completely painless labor and delivery.

The nurse didn't hear the doctor tell her to give a little bit of Pitocin with the epidural.  She said because I've had so many babies my uterus was a bit lazy.  I guess that's why my contractions were so mild? I got to a 6 on my own but needed a little booster. After only 20 minutes of Pitocin I was ready to push.  Ohhh, I was excited!  3 pushes and she was out and we were already in love!  Wow!  It was a fantastic labor and delivery with no complications.

Juliet Desiree came May 16th on a Wednesday evening and weight 6lbs 12 oz, and 20 inches long.  The nurses kept telling me they loved her name and the funny comments were already coming in. One nurse came in and said "Don't worry little Juliet, we'll find you your Romeo."  LOL.  They kept coming in to make sure I was awake to feed her but there was no worry since I was feeding her on the hour to make sure she kept her weight up.  I've quickly (or over time) learned not to hope for deep sleep anytime soon and learn to soak up all the broken up sleep I can.  I think mommies learn to thrive off of  the short spurts they get with newborns.

I'm still in love and loving every single moment with her.  Loving every moment she is awake during the night.  I think I've just gotten way past the "I hate being woken up all night" phase and just enjoying each moment with them.  Four days after birth we got to go to church and have her first service.  We are all enjoying our time with her and she is doted on by her siblings.  What a blessing from God.  Wow!  I was nervous about welcoming our 7th child but all that fell away when we got to hold her for the first time.  Every single sacrifice we have had to make and will have to make is totally worth it.  Having kids, caring for them, and leading them to Christ is one of the hardest things we'll ever do but also one of the most enjoyable.  The selfishness of this world will never understand that but that's okay... we answer to God.  He created life.  Why should I listen to the world that constantly fights for the rights to extinguish it?

Anyhow, I loved sharing my story!  It's easy to forget all the little details over time so I like to write them down.  God bless!


Alice said...

Congratulations!!! What an amazing birth story! I have never heard of the balloon method, but it sounds so gentle and easy! How I wish I would be having such a smooth painless birth any moment now! ;) I am nervous. Due the day after tomorrow. I give birth at home so I have no pain relief. But oh the sweet reward afterwards! Your photos of your precious baby girl have really brought it real to me that I will actually have a baby any day now, since I've been following you through your pregnancy from the beginning! She's so beautiful, and I love her name too. Congratulations again!

Keri Jo said...

Wish my labors were so easy.... Glad it all went good for you though.

Whoever took all your pictures did a great job. They are precious.

Kim Chrisman said...

You guys make beautiful babies!! She looks so dainty and sweet. Enjoy your newest blessing:))

Kim chrisman

littleyana said...

She is so adorable! If anything, baby and mom blog is what i like the most. It is so easy to relate with. Can't wait to read more of your stories!

Danielle said...

Beautiful pictures! She is precious

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

You made it sound easy... congrats, Virginia! :)

The Skinny Turtle said...

Wow, that sounds like an amazing birth!! I've never heard of the balloon thing either, but I'm tempted to ask my OB about it!

Congrats! She is gorgeous and I love her name!

Unknown said...

She is SO pretty! What a dolly. I needed a pitocin "boost" too, but it was so worth it! LOVE your story and I am so thankful that everything went so well for you!!! :)