Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Stop and Smell the Roses

Chaz had a tough day at school today so when I went to pick him up, he cried in my arms for awhile. He said, "Mommy? Will you take me to the park and play baseball with me?" I was thinking about all the phone calls I had to make and things I had to get done. But I know better to stop and smell the roses in life. Chaz will never be 5 years old again. I said, "Sure, Chaz". So we played baseball for awhile, then they played in the sand. Daddy met us up at lunch time and played with the kids. It was a beautiful day. Sure I didn't get as much done, but my son wanted to play baseball. So baseball it was. :)

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Anonymous said...

I had to post this letter that Karen gave me because it really touched my heart-Virginia:

how well i remember those days....i would give anything right now to have my son by my side....i worked for a short time at the school district back in 99....it was a great job, good money, money not needed for anything but fun...and yet my heart would rip apart knowing they were getting home before i did every day.....it wasn't a paycheck they were looking forward to, it was me....their mom to tell all their funny stories to, to unload their horrible day onto, the security of knowing no matter what, my mom will be waiting for me....God dealt with me to quit my job..in fact i heard God's voice say "be home for Geoffrey"....that was enough...i told dave and he said obey God..i waited until everyone in the office left to talk to my boss....she was a very nice woman, she had worked her entire life...i figured i was in for a lecture to say the least....i told her i had to quit, i needed to be home with my children....she looked at me with the saddest eyes and told me she had worked all her life, she gave herself for her career and her son took a back seat...she said "now he is grown and married living in texas,how i wish i had more time with him, karen, you go and be with your family"....i have never forgotten that day...God used that woman to show me an end result that could have been mine....I have always said if God isn't big enough to supply our needs then why serve him...2 months later, dave had a horrible accident.he almost lost his hand in a saw accident...he was out of work for 30 days....i thought, wow, here's a test, yikes!!..God showed himself true and faithful and no, i didn't go back to work....so, now that my nest is emptier than it used to be, i remember those days with our children, the laughter, the tears, the joy of being their mom...and yes, the house wasn't always picture perfect but the smiles on their faces were. karen