Friday, August 26, 2011

Having That Easy Child

Ohhhh, I wanted to share with you that it was my sweet son Ryan's birthday the other day and he turned 10.  We took him to a skating rink and just had so much fun goofing around on the rink just being together.  He has such a good heart and is a pleasure to have for a son.  He looks out for his baby brother and keeps attitudes in check.  If he ever cries I know it's because he's reached his limit and just needs to talk.  He never just freaks out.  It can be scary in one way so I try to be in tune with his feelings and can figure out when he just needs alone time.  He's just one of those kids where if they are acting out in any way it's because they needs to talk or need to just spend some time with mom or dad.  When he was a toddler he was very scared of dogs.

Ryan on the left.  Chaz is holding book.  I think they were
about 2 and 3 yrs old there.
Ryan was a big time surprise since I got pregnant with him when Chaz was only 3 months old.  But, boy, and I'm glad!!!  He's a cutie!  Ryan and Chaz were born only 12 months apart so they are best friends (most the time).  Chaz has taught Ryan soooo much patience.  Haha.  Chaz can poke, tickle, wrestle, and just go way beyond playing into annoyance and Ryan will keep his cool.  I don't know if it's because Chaz he is so incredibly patient but I know Ryan is gonna be a great husband/dad one day.  He was such a calm baby and is such a calm kid.  Over the last year we have really been building a relationship and it's been wonderful.  

I love you Ryan!!  (Please don't go into the teens to quickly.  Even when you do I'll love you anyway.  My knees may be worn out from praying but I hope we still can talk and have lots of fun).

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