Saturday, August 20, 2011

Moms Can't Afford to Be Sick

Me when I was little having a tantrum. 
I kissed my husband the other day even though I knew he was sick. Just to make him feel better. A couple days later I felt that scratch in my throat. Uh oh. I figured, it was worth giving him kisses.

I didn't expect a bad cold to lay me out flat but I just woke up. Last I saw it was Thursday and now its Saturday! Thank God for my husband keeping the house afloat. (Expect for the mess). But he took care of the kids which is what REALLY matters. I feel extremely dizzy but I hate being laid out flat so I'm up cleaning the house and trying to get it back together. That's the only setback of being sick. Waking up and seeing the house fallen apart. Does anyone else have slobby kids like mine? Phooey. When I'm up and about I always point out to the kids what messes they are making and they need to pick up after themselves. I was kinda hoping that the older ones would just catch on by themselves but I guess they haven't.

Caleb playing with his new remote control
airplane from Nana
Today I'm heading to the library because I've GREATLY missed our weekly adventures there. I think it's an adventure when there are soooo many books full of them. I love the quietness and having my whole family walk around talking in whispers. I love the cafe where I can slip away for a half hour. The toddler area where my tiny tots can play while we read. So we're starting back up our weekly trip again.

Anyway, I can't wait for this fog in my head to clear so I can stop walking into walls and can really play with my kids again. While laying in bed yesterday, in the few moments I woke up, I missed my kids so badly. A whole day without hugging, kissing, playing, or teaching them. It felt like eternity when I would wake up again in the lonely and quiet bedroom.

Thank God for my family. They make everything so worth it.


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

You know you really look just the same as you did when you were a girl. I sure hope you feel better soon!! :)

nate and marne said...

wow, i thought i was the only one that felt that way!! no, moms can't afford to be sick, not if we want the house the way we like it. hubbys try, but it seems beyond them to do all of our work!! i actually experience this a lot. i get laid out with vertigo and headaches at least once a month. my hubby tries but it is all he can do to keep the kids fed!! the house goes by the wayside.....