Saturday, August 27, 2011

Adventures Around Us

Gosh, lately we've been blessed to get out and do so many fun adventures.  We never have any desire to travel outside our town because we feel like there is just so much more to explore.  It never has to cost a lot either.  We just so happen to have all of our kids birthdays together, about 2 weeks apart.  We are halfway through the birthdays and my birthday starts it off, then six kids, and Charles ends it with his.  We call it the adventure season because we're always doing fun stuff for all the birthdays between June through October.  

Today we got gift tickets from my mom to go to the wave pool and it was a blast!  My dad joined us and we got to spend some time catching the waves and talking.  Then he took my kids out one by one to catch the waves with them.  Afterwards we got ice cream at McDonalds and then all of a sudden the exhaustion hit me.  Ha ha.  Wow!

I'm excited to have these two days off from homeschooling so I can just play with my kids.  I haven't really wanted to clean because I just long to be with the kids for these two days.  Sometimes you just have to get down to work and focus.  Other days just appreciate the day and not worry about what needs to be picked up. It'll be there for the next day.  

Chaz and Ryan in green tube
Tomorrow we're taking Kyle out to Chuck E Cheese for his birthday and then Monday heading over to the Children's Museum.  Thursday is our planned library night.  So usually the weeks are pretty full.

Ryan getting ready for a wave
I hope that everyone is safe on the East Coast.  I sat the kids down at the computer with me and showed them the news.  We studied Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Tsunami's. We also watched videos on the earthquake that just happened in Virginia and surrounding areas.   The kids had so many questions and really wanted to learn.  I think real life situations stick in their head longer than just reading it from a textbook.

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Kerrie McLoughlin said...

you are still homeschooling! it's called "field trips" and "physical education" !!!!! my kids have never had swimming lessons and have all learned to swim well on their own because I took them to the pool and just hung out with them. you are always teaching them. you are awesome!