Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Who Forgets Their Own Children?

The oddest thing keeps happening to me.  I don't know whether it's because my memory is slipping or I just have too much to remember.  Yesterday we decided to take the kids to a small water park since they will all be closing soon.  I packed some sandwiches, Capri Suns, pickles, and chips.  Well, I made an assembly line for the kids and everything to have it all put together and then into the cooler.

We get to the park and later decide we are all hungry.  I pass out sandwiches and when I get to Ivy she has nothing.  NOTHING.  I had already scarfed mine down earlier.  I then asked who ate two.   Then it dawned on me that I had once again miscalculated the size of my family.  I made only 6 sandwiches which is short only one since baby Caleb was at my moms house.  But still!!!  I felt so bad because by the time I discovered this, everyone scarfed down their sandwiches.  

(Caleb had fun at my mom's house and got to visit with my dad when he got home from work.  It was a treat for Caleb.  When I brought him to the door and my mom opened it, Caleb opened his mouth and gasped he was so happy to see her.)

Later that night I thought it'd be a treat to break out the mini marshmallows and have hot cocoa.  Ivy even helped me to add the chocolate and I used my Keurig to fill them up with hot water quick.  When I started to pass them out I realized I was missing one cup of cocoa.  Yet again I had counted wrong.  We are not 7, we are 8!  What's wrong with me?  Poor kids.  Haha.  Caleb is almost 2 and I can't get this straight.  


Anonymous said...

At least you only forgot one at a time. I've been known to forget two at a time...

Chris H said...

Very funny! I don't think I have ever done that.