Sunday, August 07, 2011

Big Families Love Kids Eat Free!

Yesterday we were so happy to go get a new tire so Charles took it into the shop.  Then he was grateful when he found out they were gonna replace it for free.  Yeehaw!  Right as he is talking to the guy the car died.  He then went to buy a $100 battery.  Goodness!  At first I was kinda bummed about having to spend the money on that right now but then realized I should be grateful that we had the money to fix it.  We were really hoping to be able to go to church the next day since we had to miss Wednesday because of the flat.  

After church we visited one of our favorite places because they have kids eat free through the whole month of August!  Yeahhhh, we were definitely gonna go there for Sunday lunch.  Heh heh.  Saved us 15 dollars.  

I could only check in 3 of the kids out of the 5 in the play area and Ryan was at a friends house.  I felt bad for Chaz because he hates shopping.  So he walked around with a corny little handheld game they provided.  Looked like it was from the 80's.  They probably had to do that so no kid would want to steal them.  Anyhow, it helped him bypass the torturous shopping.  

It feels soooo good to get out of the house at times because I see my home as my job.  Getting away helps me to actually relax and not look around for what needs to be done. Since so much ALWAYS needs to be done, I have to get out to stop thinking about it.  At least getting out once a week is really refreshing.  

I have to say though that although my home is my job, it's the most rewarding job I could ever, ever, ever imagine having.  I love every single day.  Even the ones where I'm hiding in the bathroom to make a phone call.  

Since the play area doesn't take diapers kids, it was kind of nice to see just Caleb and Chaz together.  

In reality, 90% of what IKEA sells I would not buy for my home. Some of the living room designs I absolutely hate but every now and then I run into a room that just jumps out at me.  Also, they have EXCELLENT organizational ideas.  Mostly that's what catches my eye.  Plus it's great exercise because the place is massive!  

They only let you put your children in the play area for 1 hour so it only lets us see a 1/4 of the store before we're called back.  But.... we still have fun just spending time together and getting away.  :D

I hope you have an IKEA near you because we really love it!  I mean, where else can you get mashed potatoes and meatballs in gravy for $3.99?  Yeah!  


Chris H said...

It sounds like a neat shop... but we don't have them here.
And I can't think of anywhere in New Zealand where children eat for FREE!
Now that would have been handy when I had my 6 kids at home!

Virginia Revoir said...

It's pretty neat and it's absolutely humongous. It takes quite awhile to see everything so you get lots of exercise for sure. You can easily get lost if you don't follow the arrows. They have fantastic ideas for organization. Yeah, the kids eat free thing is AWESOME!!! Charles and I only spent under $4 for my family of 7 (Ryan was at a friend's house) to eat there.