Friday, February 21, 2014

Messy Toddler in the House!

My little toddler is like a tornado that runs through the house and destroys everything.  I love her like crazy, but yikes!  Juliet is like the queen of destruction!  Haha.  She empties out the bookshelf every single day.  As soon as I catch her I immediately tell her no and pull her hand away. This must've been when I used the restroom.  Yeah, cause I keep an eye on her like a hawk.  The girl doesn't go anywhere without me knowing where she is at all times. 

All my kids loved to make tents around the age 6-10.  Well, this time it's my girls.  They are occupying space in the living room for their tent.  The hard part was keeping baby Juliet from pulling it down.  Man, my kids are gonna grow up with some serious patience.  Ladies and gentleman, these kids with be TRAINED with patience.  They constantly have a toddler in the house and don't mind it one bit.  They've just learned to put their valuables up a little higher.  Juliet's lucky because she has so many to go to for comfort and snuggles and they give it to her.

Baby and me. My little messy one.  She was upset but the moment I put the camera on her she smiled.  Such a girl. 

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